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Eyewash Directions


How exactly do you use your Eyebright Formula? One friend told me to drink it, while another told me to put it into my eyes. Please explain.

- Janice, B, Santa Monica, California, USA,

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Dear Janice,

I can’t legally tell you to or even advise you to put my Eyebright herbal extract into your eyes. It is for internal consumption only. But the following is how I personally use it and how I do it.

First, I get an eyewash cup. You can find many antique ones for sale on the Internet. These are my favorite kind for many reasons. For one, they are made from glass where most modern eyewash cups are made from plastic. Not only do the plastic ones feel uncomfortably sharp on the skin surrounding my eye, but every day, there are more and more news stories about plastic being very toxic. The glass eyecups are more aesthetic, feel better, are nontoxic and just plain work better. There are still new ones being made out of glass and some pharmacies still sell them, but again, check the Internet.

So I get a glass eyecup, some room temperature distilled, reverse osmosis or purified water and my Eyebright Formula.

Next, I put 1 to 12 drops (only 1 or 2 if this is your first time) of my Eyebright Formula into the eyecup FIRST, I will explain why “first” later. Next, I fill the eyecup 95% of the way to the top with some room temperature distilled, reverse-osmosis or purified water.

Then I hold a dark-colored washcloth under my eye to catch any dripping water, and face down, place my eye tightly over the eyecup. I tip my head back, facing it straight up, with my eye under the liquid. Now, I open my eye while it is under this solution. I just put the solution into my eye for a brief moment and stop. This is just to get my eye used to the solution and the temperature of the water. Now I do this again and this time, I open my eye for a few seconds under the water and stop again. I repeat this process a third time, but this time I do some eye exercises under the solution for a minute.

I move my eye in circles clockwise, then counterclockwise, then up and down, then left to right, then make Xs and any other movements I can think of while my head is tilted back, facing up and my eye is open and under the solution. Then I stop, throw the solution out and repeat this procedure on the other eye. Even if only one of my eyes is bothering me, or infected, I always wash both eyes.

Here is a general dosage idea on how much Eyebright Formula to use:

To start, place only 2 drops of the Eyebright Formula in the eyecup. Then fill the eyecup up the rest of the way with your purified water.

NOTE: It is very important to put the Eyebright Formula in FIRST and then add the water. This way the tonic mixes well with the water before you do the eyewash. If you do it the opposite way, the Eyebright Formula could float on the surface of the water and be put directly into your eye undiluted. This won’t do damage to your eye, but it can sting a bit.

Always start with 2 drops. Then when you are used to doing this, and this may only take one time, you can increase the amount of Eyebright Formula. You may feel:

2 drops a slight tingling sensation

4 drops a mild tingling and warming sensation

6 drops a moderate tingling and warming sensation

8 drops a warming and burning sensation

10 drops a burning sensation for 10 to 20 seconds

12+ drops WOW!! YES!

For eye infections and conjunctivitis, use at least 6 to 8 drops in water, 3 to 6 times a day. For eyesight problems, work your way up to 10 drops or more 3 times a day.

NOTE: Using the higher dosages may cause you to have some temporary involuntary eye closure. In other words, after washing your eye, when you open it, it will burn a little bit and you will want to close it for a few more seconds. This will only last a few seconds to a minute and is not harmful. Just breathe and relax. You will not believe how much brighter the world will look and how much better you will see almost immediately.

The reason for the burning is the cayenne in the tonic. This ingredient simply increases the circulation in your eye immediately, which promotes healing. It can have a burning sensation and cause a little temporary redness, but don’t worry, it will not hurt you.

My Eyebright Formula also contains Goldenseal root, which is famous for being a mild acting, but highly effective antibacterial and antiseptic herb. In the clinic I found it extremely useful for destroying infection around the sensitive areas of the body like the eyes, inside the sinus, and sensitive mucous membrane areas where garlic could be too strong. It contains the alkaloids hydrastine, berberine and canadine, and volatile oils and resins. The first two alkaloids are listed medically as antibacterial and antiseptic.

Eyebright herb and Fennel both have a long history of being used for the eyes, soothing inflammation and reducing irritation, especially for conjunctivitis. Mullein is very soothing and demulcent to the delicate mucous membranes. Red Raspberry is a mild astringent and Rue an antispasmodic. Again, the law restricts me from commenting any further.

Just get washing!

– Dr. Schulze


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