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Eyebright, Eye Infections, Even Cataracts


Dear Dr. Schulze, This isn't so much a question as it is a great testimony to a wonderful product you make available to us. I am a model/actress and just got done shooting an infomercial this week. A few days before the shoot, I had been dealing with some sort of sinus infection. I was taking your tonics, superfood, etc. and also started using the eyebright in the morning to clear any "eye boogies". Well, the day of my shoot the director asked if I wore contacts and when I said no, he commented on how clear and bright blue my eyes were. He said they just shined on camera. When I told him that I had been using a special herbal eye rinse, he wanted to know what it was and wanted to create an infomercial for it. From a director's view, he was very interested in the way it brightened my eyes on camera. I don't know if that is something that would ever be possible but I just thought you should know. It's a wonderful testimony to eyebright! I've been a believer of all your products for 10 years now. Thank you for all that you do! Peace & Love!

- Mary, W, New Jersey, USA,

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Dear Mary,

Thanks for your great testimony. Your eyes are stunning, and so are you!

My herbal Eyebright Formula that you used as an eyewash, is a formula that many people forget about, but nevertheless, it is a very effective and very powerful formula, for washing, cleansing and disinfecting the eyes.

So I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about your eyes…

What Are Tears?

Tears are a complex solution of chemicals that your body naturally produces, and they disinfect your eyes for many reasons. First, when your Tear ducts release tears, this constantly bathes and washes the eyes which in itself keeps the eyes clean of dust, dirt, debris and foreign matter. Tears also contain many natural antiseptic chemicals, just one of which is an enzyme, called Muramidase also known as Lysozyme. This natural enzyme, when it comes in contact with bacteria, literally wrinkles, stresses and then breaks down the cell walls of bacteria, destroying and killing the bacteria.

What Is Your Conjunctiva?

The human body has skin, which amongst many things, protects your body from infection. Your eye’s “skin” is called the conjunctiva, the covering of your eye, which is constantly bathed and covered with secreted tears, which contain this natural antibacterial enzyme, Muramidase.

So, if for any reason your tear ducts get blocked, like during a sinus infection, or during any cold, this almost always results in an eye infection, conjunctivitis (inflammation of the conjunctiva). You can just think of this as dermatitis or like a skin rash of the eye.

This is often referred to as pink eye, which can be contagious, again caused because the tears (the natural defense of the eyes) have become blocked by mucus blocking your tear ducts from excreting tears. (Mary, what you referred to as “Eye Boogies”.)

So How Do You Get Blocked Tear Ducts To Open? When a tear duct is blocked, some easy ways to get them back open (besides needles) are…

White Onions and Horseradish

I have had patients with blocked sinus and tear ducts so bad, that the medical doctors were inserting hypodermic needles up through their nostrils and injecting harsh chemicals directly into their sinus cavity! OUCH! And, they would come to me with black eyes from this horrific, very scary and painful treatment, and STILL their sinuses were blocked.

Then, after 15 minutes in my kitchen, chopping and eating white onions, I would have their sinuses and tear ducts open, WIDE OPEN! By the way, just the odor of White Onions is antibacterial.

Air Detox

Just spray it on a cloth and hold it over the nose and breathe deeply. This not only opens the sinus, but it also disinfects them too. I also spray it on the pillow so you breathe it all night long, and of course spray it liberally around the house.

Eyebright Tonic

Washing your eyes four or five times a day during any sinus infection or cold will assist in keeping your tear ducts open, which will naturally prevent eye infections. The herbs in this tonic also help keep the tear ducts open, disinfect your eyes, and soothe inflamed and irritated conjunctiva.

Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT”, Echinacea Plus and SuperTonic

All three of these formulas fight sinus infections and colds by destroying bacteria and stimulating and boosting your immune system. SuperTonic, which is also in the Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT”, contains both White Onion and Horseradish that I talked about the healing benefits of earlier.

Deep Tissue Oil and Ointment

This is an amazing formula for many things, but it is also the perfect chest rub to use before bed, to break up and relieve sinus, bronchial and lung congestion. Just take a small amount and rub it in your chest at night, and then go to sleep. Remember, it is a very STRONG formula, so if you are sensitive, put a little olive oil on your chest before using it. Also, if your breasts are sensitive, keep it off your breasts and nipples.

Speaking of breasts, what about mother’s milk? I know it seems like I am off the subject a little here, but bear with me for two paragraphs

DID YOU KNOW mother’s milk is naturally high in many things, including Muramidase and many other antibacterial enzymes? This is why, in my clinic, if I had any babies with eye infections, I would always ask the moms to put mother’s milk directly into the baby’s eyes. Even though I got a few strange looks, when I would tell them this natural remedy, it ALWAYS stopped ALL babies’ eye infections, immediately.

It should also be noted here that it has been discovered that babies who are not breast fed, but are fed synthesized baby formula instead, have a much higher incidence of not only eye infections, but also strep and other bacterial infections. Babies that are denied breast milk also have a three times higher rate of diarrheal infections and a much higher incidence of bronchopulmonary (bronchial and lung) infections and disease. Remember, when in doubt, the NATURAL WAY is ALWAYS better!


Cataracts are when the lens of your eye, or the area around your lens, becomes cloudy. This can be caused by a number of different reasons and a number of different diseases, but the bottom line is the circulation in and around your eye is not good.

I am just adding this in here because I get hundreds of letters from people asking me if there is any natural treatment for cataracts. YES THERE IS!

In my clinic I had hundreds of patients who got rid of their cataracts using my Eyebright Formula and washing their eyes 3 times a day indefinitely. They would start with the lighter dose of 2 or 3 DROPS in an eyecup filled with distilled or purified water, but worked their way up to the 10 DROPS which is the highest dosage suggested.

Anytime the body has congestion, including in the lens of the eye, there is NO BETTER HERB than Cayenne to supercharge and dramatically boost the blood and lymphatic flow, which simply cleans, flushes and heals the area. And my Eyebright Formula has a healthy dose of Cayenne, and this is why you will feel the zing from using this formula at the higher dosages.

“More BLOOD flow and increased LYMPHATIC circulation will help your body to heal ANYTHING!”

I would also include any exercise that gets more circulation to your head, from slant boards and Hatha Yoga to Back Swings and Gravity Boots, but you must be careful and work your way up in intensity, especially if you are not in good health.

Fasting, Flushing and Detoxification are in order for cataracts, so I would suggest my 30-Day Detox Program, at a minimum, if not my entire Incurables Program.

Remember, the results you get are ALWAYS A PERFECT REFLECTION of what time and energy you put into getting healthy!

I had a trash basket full of eyeglasses in my clinic, from patients who brought in their glasses and threw them away, because their cataracts were GONE, their eyesight was normal, and they didn’t need their glasses anymore!

Finally Mary, About You… By looking at your picture, and looking into your beautiful blue eyes, I can tell a few things about you. Iridology is the science of looking at a person’s iris, which reflects a lot about a person. It is not used by medical doctors much in America, although they do recognize that certain signs in a person’s iris show things like high cholesterol or lack of blood flow to the brain, etc.

Anyway, your particular iris reflects a potential genetic predisposition for your lymphatic system to be slightly sluggish. Your lymphatic system is where your immune system and a lot of your white blood cells live and travel, and it’s also a system that removes waste and toxins from your body.

So because I know this about you now, first, it is perfect for you to love exercise, as moving your body will make up for any possible inherited weakness you might have, like a sluggish lymphatic system. Hatha Yoga is also perfect for you as it is a scientific system of body movement that is proven to stimulate the movement of your lymphatic fluid. By the way, unlike your blood, the lymphatic system has no pump or heart, to move the fluid around your body, so it relies on muscle contraction, gravity and you moving. Also just deep breathing, which happens to be a big part of Hatha Yoga, powerfully moves lymphatic fluid.

Your genetics also make you potentially slightly more susceptible to sinus infections, blocked tear ducts, and also bronchial and even lung infections, so keep your Cold & Flu SHOTS handy, along with your Eyebright Tonic.

You are exactly the type of person that should do my Cold & Flu Prevention Program every month during the winter months. And don’t be afraid of Garlic, it is a wonderful herb for you.

Mary, EVERYBODY has potential genetic weaknesses. Iridology simply shows POTENTIAL or POSSIBLE genetic weaknesses. It does not show that you have them, nor mean that you will manifest these potential weaknesses during your lifetime. It just means, if your health declines, or as you age, these potential weaknesses may manifest themselves. So don’t take what I said too seriously, just keep your body moving, and your sinus clear. And keep those eyes looking beautiful.

— Dr. Schulze

PS: If you or the director wants to do an infomercial on my Eyebright or any of my formulas, please contact Mr. Adam Loef, the CEO of Dr. Schulze’s American Botanical Pharmacy. Your eyes and my Eyebright Formula could be a winning combination!

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