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Extreme Menstrual Cramps, Endometriosis and More!


Most women think monthly Menstrual Cramping is normal; IT IS NOT.

Sure, ALL women experience some mild, occasional menstrual cramping from time to time. But, when the pain is more than an occasional twinge, and it comes EVERY month, and especially if it is moderate to extreme pain, and includes irregular or heavy bleeding, well, this is a sign that you need to get in balance, and steps should be taken to create better health.

In my clinic, I dealt with thousands of models and actresses that had mild to extreme menstrual cramps, and EVERY single one of them were able to make lifestyle changes and use herbal medicines that made even the most extreme and totally debilitating cramping go away.

The following are two letters from BLOG readers about Menstrual Cramps. If you are experiencing monthly menstrual pain, or abnormal bleeding, PLEASE read on, as I have some answers for you that will change your life.

Dear Dr. Schulze,

I am writing on behalf of my wife.  We just started our journey to creating powerful health and are currently working through bowel and liver detoxes.  My wife has what the doctors think is endometriosis, but are not certain.  This is where the uterine lining grows in places it shouldn't according to my Internet diagnosis.  The problem comes during her monthly cycle.  While that time of the month comes with cramps and discomfort and pain is a given most of the time, however, when she tries to have a bowel movement during this time she is reduced to sobbing from the pain.  Even the contracting of those muscles is excruciating.  And this is even with very loose stools, not just like forcing backed up constipated junk.  Again, this only happens during her period, no other time.  I can't bear to see her in this much pain and I know there has got to be something she can do.  The doctors just keep saying, "i think, i think" and pass it off (shocking I know) and I figured you'd be the best to help solve this painful mystery.

Thanks so much for you time and efforts.

P.S. On a side note, even though you can come off as a jerk and crass to some, I for one appreciate blunt honesty.  I am not a big fan of strong language but you know better than anyone that walking around kissing babies and hugging kittens ain't gonna cut it when a life is on the line.  I see your brutal honesty as the passion it is and thank God for your ministry of Creating Powerful Health (and giving swift kicks to those who need it).

Keep soldiering on good sir!

— Zak R. in New Albany, IN

Dear Zak,

It is almost always women writing me about helping their husband so congratulations for writing your letter on behalf of your wife. Good man and Great Husband!

And thanks for your kind words regarding my blunt honesty and passion. The bottom line is that it all comes from the clinic, and this is what sets me apart from most “armchair” herbalists and “wimpy” natural healers. In the clinic, after a few years, if not a few decades, you simply learn what works, and what doesn’t. It is ALL about helping people heal their diseases. So my passion and bluntness are something that came out of my clinic, simply because they were effective tools at nudging people to heal themselves naturally.

Medical doctors are generally much more soft spoken and polite, they can be, because then later they sedate you, and when you are sleeping, well, that is when they beat you up, cutting, burning, drilling and carving your ass off, like a butcher. Since I don’t have that option, I need to do a little more ass kicking face to face, while my patients are awake. I am glad you understand.

And great that you are working your way through my 5-Day Detox Programs, this will help both you and your wife to Create Powerful Health and her problem may in fact have been solved already by now, before you read this answer, but in case it isn’t and for all of the others, let’s go!

Specifically, for your wife, she may or may not have endometriosis, but either way our plan will be the same.

For Menstrual Problems and Even Endometriosis

First, she must start on my Female Formula IMMEDIATELY and get her hormones balanced. This is the real permanent cure. She should start with taking 2 droppersful three times daily, indefinitely. I would suggest, from what you tell me about her condition, that she should continue taking this formula for at least a year. This alone will balance her female hormones and 90% of the time this will be all that is needed for her complete healing of her menstrual problem and her endometriosis.

During menstruation, especially during her next menstruation, if it comes in a week or two, this may not be enough time elapsed for this formula to have solved her problem entirely. She can add the additional dosage of my Female Formula of 2 droppersful one or two more times during the day or night, which would increase her dosage to 2 droppersful four or five times a day. She can also take a larger dose of 4 droppersful anytime. She just needs to discover what works best for her. If she is still in pain during her next “period”, I suggest the following additions…

Female “SHOT”

This is what I designed this “SHOT” for. It is an emergency dose of my Female Formula along with additional herbs that will solve any hormonal imbalance. If she feels any pain coming on with her next menstruation, take a whole Female “SHOT” IMMEDIATELY.

Nerve Tonic

This formula is mainly an antispasmodic formula, a pain-relieving formula and a sedative. For all three of these reasons, she should take this formula when experiencing any menstrual cramping. The antispasmodic action will relax her uterus and keep it from cramping, the pain-relieving action will do just that, and the sedative action will help her to relax as well.

I would suggest 2 to 4 droppersful as needed, but up to 8 or 10 droppersful can be used. This formula is strong tasting, so add her dose to an ounce of juice.

NOTE: With very sensitive people, overdosing on this formula can cause mild vomiting, but this is in no way dangerous. But, I always mention this as most people prefer to start with a lower dosage of 2 to 4 droppersful and then work their way up to the higher doses of 8 to 10 droppersful.

Hot Water Bottle

This is grandma’s remedy, and a very powerful and effective one, but we have almost forgotten it. Fill a hot water bottle with BOILING water, and place a towel over her lower abdomen, then the bottle, and cover it with another towel. Place the bottle on top of and just above her pubic bone. ‘Ahhhhhhh’, that’s the sound you will hear, as the heat relieves the menstrual and uterine cramping, spasm and the pain.

5-Day BOWEL Detox

I am glad that you told me that you were both doing this detox. More often than not, Menstrual Cramping (and all types of uterine problems including endometriosis) are at least partially caused by constipation or some type of colon problem. Intellectually, this may sound odd, but physiologically and anatomically, it makes all the sense in the world.

In our mind’s eye, the uterus is nowhere near the bowel, but anatomically, the uterus is entirely wrapped by the bowel, with only a very thin layer of skin separating the rectum from the vagina. These two organs actually touch each other, so any swelling, spasm, inflammation or irritation on the bowel will cause compression, squeezing or irritation of the uterus. This is pure Newtonian physics, of “every action having an equal and opposite reaction”. Consequently, when the uterus goes to shed its endometrial lining during menstruation, and it is compressed or squeezed from bowel constipation, you will experience pain.

The bottom line, pun intended, is that ANY woman with ANY female complaint or ANY female reproductive disease should FIRST do a thorough bowel cleansing. In my clinic, with thousands of women, more often than not, a good steady dose of my Female Formula and a few 5-Day BOWEL Detoxes solved every type of female problem imaginable.

Finally, MEAT!

In closing, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the direct relationship between meat and all animal food consumption and all male and female reproductive diseases and even menstrual problems. Since the production and farming of all meat, from beef to fish and everything in-between, and all animal by-products like eggs and milk (liquid meat) and dairy products involves the HUGE use of HORMONES, GROWTH HORMONES and STEROIDS, I would not be doing you a good service if I did not mention that the consumption of animal flesh and animal by-products has been directly linked to Endometriosis, Female Hormone Imbalance, Uterine, Ovarian and Breast Cancer and almost ALL Female Reproductive Diseases, Disorders and even Cancer. Not to mention a foundational cause of Benign Prostate Hypertrophy (Hyperplasia) and Prostate Cancer, and all cancers for that matter.

Even if you buy your meat HORMONE-FREE, an animal’s natural hormones are EXTREMELY ALIEN to your body and throw your body a curveball that really causes it to react in a 1,000 different alien ways, just one of them being reproductive imbalance and disease, and abnormal growths in female and male reproductive organs. Just imagine putting cow hormones that have the genetic messages for your body to grow from zero to 2,000 pounds in the first year of your life, into your body. This is a POWERFUL GROWTH HORMONE, and it will cause your body to grow abnormally.

There is NO animal on this planet that drinks the milk of another species, and we are really giving ourselves the wrong genetic messages by doing this. I didn’t say that ice cream doesn’t taste good; I am just saying that it is the perfect genetic roadmap for making a cow. And looking at half the people I see walking around, well, it looks like they are turning into cows.

Zak, you are a good man and a great husband, so keep up the good work and add my suggestions to your wife’s health program and she will be over her menstrual problems in a few months, if not immediately.

— Dr. Schulze

Horrible Menstrual Cramps #2

Dear Dr. Schulze,

First off, I would like to say thank you so much for offering your products and knowledge to the world despite all of the scrutiny from the medical industries. 

I turned to your products after being diagnosed with an under-active thyroid. Long story short, after being overdosed on medications from a doctor and being sent into a thyroid storm I decided to follow your cleanses for three months. I got re-tested and my thyroid had been healed! That made me a true believer. Now I take your Superfood Plus religiously (along with some of your other products). My husband, mom, and uncle all do as well.  :)

And now for my question... I have one issue I just can't seem to overcome.

When I was 15 I started getting horrible menstrual cramps.  Not your ordinary, a little bit uncomfortable, I feel like whining cramps.  These were excruciating.  They sent me to the ER twice in a year.  I fainted, couldn't get up and had to be carried to the car and then to the emergency room.  That was when it all started.  They thought it was my appendix at first. Then, I was put on birth control once they realized it was related to my cycle. Fast-forward eight years and I was still on the pill.  I was told by another doctor that birth control was not good to be on that long and that it could have caused my thyroid issues so I immediately got off of it.

After stopping the pill, it took 18 months for my cycle to come back. Now that it has I am back to square one.  The pain I experience each month on the first night of my cycle is so excruciating that it wakes me from a dead sleep.   It feels like someone is stabbing me over and over again with a huge knife.  I can't move, keel over on the floor, and am on the verge of fainting (or do faint) every time from the pain. It does eventually go away... in about 2-3 hours! So, now I know the drill. But 2-3 hours of agony?! What could possibly be causing this?

This pain is so bad I can't imagine dealing with this once a month for the remainder of my life.  I have had about six cycles since they started coming back and I literally scream and cry in agony each time.  Obviously, I don't want to get back on the pill (learned that lesson and spent too much time cleansing it out of my body).  And I don't want to take pain meds each time (I never take anything that isn't natural anyway) nor do pain meds even help. 

It seems being on birth control for those eight years helped my cramps not exist, but now that I am off of it and don't want to take it, I just don't know what to do or where to start with finding a solution.

My questions to you are: A. Do you have any idea why I am experiencing this? B. Do you have any suggestions for me? and C. Have you ever come across this before?

I will be forever grateful if you have any ideas for me or can point me in the right direction.  (Not to mention so will my husband.) 

Thank you soooooo much in advance.  

— Amber C. in Las Vegas, NV

Dear Amber,

No worries, we can fix you up—no problem, too. And, I definitely want to keep you from becoming a statistic of the over 500,000 woman in America every year that get sterilized by medical doctors and are gutted of their female organs having a hysterectomy because medical doctors won’t use a little common sense and a few dollars worth of herbs.

First, just follow the exact same program I laid out above, for Zak’s wife, making sure you include using my Intestinal Formula #1, but hopefully doing my complete 5-Day BOWEL Detox at least once, if not a few times. And stay on my Female Formula for at least three months, if not a year, or until your menstrual cramping problem is over.

OK, let’s get specific and I will answer a few of your questions…

The Birth Control Pill

Using the birth control pill all of these years basically just suppressed your body from being a woman, and suppressed your menstrual cycles. And as you can now see, although suppression often seems to solve the problem, it actually just covers it up and hides it, and then when the suppressive therapy is halted, the dis-ease comes back, and more often than not, it comes back with a vengeance.

Suppressing your ovaries, which are just one part of your endocrine system, could also definitely throw off your entire endocrine system and endocrine balance because, your endocrine organs are your ovaries, but also your Thyroid and many other organs like your Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Pineal glands in your brain, as well as your Pancreas, Adrenal glands and any organ in your body that manufactures and then secretes hormones directly into your bloodstream. So, it is very possible that the pill also affected your thyroid too, but for you, the Female Formula will get your entire endocrine system back in balance and should fix your thyroid problem, too.

You see, unlike drugs, herbs work with your body to bring it back into balance. Just one of the herbs in the Female Formula, Dong Quai, actually sensitizes your Hypothalamus in your brain to pick up and detect subtle changes in your hormones (like your estrogen and progesterone). It will tell your body to manufacture more when a slight blood level reduction is noticed, but also tell your ovaries to STOP producing it much sooner, when the required level is detected in your bloodstream. It is basically a tune-up for your hypothalamus or a tune-up for your hormone production, regulation and balance.

So getting off the birth control pill was a great idea and you will be healthier because of this, and your endocrine system will be in much better balance. The downside of stopping the pill, as you discovered, is that it turned your reproductive system back on, and now you are back to square one, and back to the menstrual cramps that you experienced years ago. But NO PROBLEM, you can heal this easy.

I actually belly laughed when you asked at the end of your letter if I’d ever come across a situation like yours before. Hmmm, let’s see? YES!!! Probably 5,000 times! Although I am sure you are a very special person, your problem is not unique AT ALL, and is actually very common. More women today have menstrual problems than ever before in history, more women are put on birth control pills to suppress these menstrual problems, more women are sterilized than ever before in history because of their menstrual problems and female reproductive cancers are on the rise. So, I am glad you wrote this letter long before you were at wit’s end and thought about a surgical option.

Finally, please read the above answer that I wrote to Zak, and the end of it when I talk about meat consumption having a negative impact on female hormone balance, and female reproductive organs. It would be great for you to stop eating any and all animal foods, at least until you have healed yourself.

You will be Healthy and Healed soon,

— Dr. Schulze

DISCLAIMER: This BLOG's purpose is to promote the sharing of information about healthy living and dietary supplements. The views and opinions of Dr. Schulze and those of his companies and BLOG administrators are offered for your information and are not intended to constitute medical advice. If you are sick, injured, or pregnant, consult a licensed medical professional.

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