It's been 90 degrees all week long in Miami with 90% humidity. In fact, there are record temperatures all over, so Dr. Schulze is posting one of his top watched videos of last summer to help you stay cool!

"I exercise for 1.5 hours outside every morning before noon—a 20-minute power walk, a 30-minute run, and then a 10-minute “cool down” power walk.

Then, I do some kettle bells, free weights, and inclined sit-ups in my outdoor gym that I built. I mix it up ever day because fun is FUNdamental.

The bottom line…During my workout I sweat A LOT, totally soak my clothes, and sometimes lose as much as three pounds of water weight! In this climate, if you don’t hydrate yourself before and after a workout, you will get really ill. And beyond staying hydrated, you need ELECTROLYTES!

If you sweat a lot and run out of electrolytes, you will not only dehydrate, but you can also get really sick. Electrolytes are simply minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and many others.

Convenience stores sell popular electrolyte “sports” drinks, which are made with just water, sugar, salt and artificial colors. Do you think they are making massive profits selling you this cheap junk? Yes! And YUCK!!!

It is proven that a much better substitute is simply drinking fresh organic citrus juice in a little water. But, any combination of fruit juice, vegetable juice, or even a blend of both, along with water, is the perfect and much more HEALTHY (and a lot CHEAPER) electrolyte drink to stay hydrated.

In this video I go over all of this, and also show you how to make my electrolyte POPSICLES!

Have FUN, GET OUTSIDE and enjoy your summer!"

— Dr. Schulze