Dear Erin,

Thanks so much for your awesome letter about your little boy. You are a GREAT MOM! I am glad you got over your fear and tried the Natural approach. And more than that, I am really extremely happy that your little boy is not suffering anymore. As you are well aware, Eczema can be a living hell!

NEVER underestimate the body’s ability to heal itself! If it is given the opportunity (even given half a chance) IT WILL HEAL ITSELF.

And NEVER underestimate the body’s ability to figure out what is wrong with you, what it needs to do, and then manufacture the right internal natural medicines right inside you, and HEAL YOU!

This is why in my clinic, EVERY patient that left after their very FIRST VISIT, left with a jar of my SuperFood Plus in their hand. And they needed to take it.

A Long, Long Time Ago . . .

One time in my clinic, my interns witnessed me throwing out the sweetest grey haired 75 year old grandmother, I threw her ass right out the front door of my clinic, yelling at her, “YOU ARE FIRED, and don’t even think of calling my clinic and trying to come back until you do EXACTLY what I say!” My interns were shocked and horrified at my very intense behavior.

I explained my actions to them in this manner…

I am a good doctor, but what makes me a GREAT doctor is that I am not ashamed to admit that most of the time I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what is wrong with people, and more than that, I rarely know how to fix them or heal their diseases.

WHAT I DO KNOW is that if you set up the correct environment, by creating a very healthy lifestyle, I KNOW THAT YOUR BODY WILL HEAL ITSELF, of ANYTHING, of ANY DISEASE or ANY ILLNESS, and then Create Powerful Health.

My SuperFood Plus comes first, flooding the body with natural nutrition, natural herbal recognizable highly assimible vitamins and minerals.

The body requires, wait a minute, IT DEMANDS, a rich supply of nutrients in your blood at all times, to manufacture everything from blood cells, hormones, immune cells, bone cells, brain cells, EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING it possibly needs. Even body fluids and cells that we don’t even know exist, or that are far beyond our knowledge and comprehension.

So this is why the VERY FIRST THING I did with my patients was correct their food program, by removing junk food and foods that pollute, irritate, inflame, congest and make them sick, and then add in foods that will nourish, strengthen and heal. This was my first visit with them. So obviously this is why EVERY patient left with a jar of my SuperFood Plus on their first visit. Mainly because I didn’t know what was wrong with them yet, but I didn’t want to waste time, because I knew their body, with a flood of nutrition, would start BUILDING WHATEVER CELLS AND NATURAL CHEMICALS ITS NEEDS TO, and start repairing them and healing them IMMEDIATELY!

This 75-year-old lady had a lot of health problems, and after her third visit to me, she was still not taking her SuperFood Plus for whatever reason. I am not Jesus; I cannot wave my hand over people and heal their diseases. They must do the healing, and this lady was NOT following my most basic natural prescription, so I did not want her to think that she was doing my program, and more than that, I did not want her to think that she was going to get well.

I fired many patients, threw a lot of them out my clinic door. Most came back. Firing and throwing out patients was just my way of waking them up, shocking them, and letting them know that they were not meeting my minimum standards, that I knew they needed to do, to heal themselves and get well.

Your Boy, and Natural Healing

In your little boy’s case, Eczema, or for that matter ANY and ALL diseases, can be caused by a number of different reasons, GENETICS, LIFESTYLE, ENVIRONMENT, usually it is a combination of all 3. Even though a disease can look the same from person to person, diseases are very individual processes. 10 people with what looks like exactly the same disease, can need 10 different things to heal them. In your little boy’s case, obviously the nutrition he was getting from his food program, was lacking in certain nutrients that he needed, to build his own internal healing prescription. So all it took was a few doses of my SuperFood Plus to feed his body the nutritional building blocks that he needed, to create his own personal internal medicine. To manufacture his own personal natural steroids, natural anti-inflammatory chemicals or natural healing chemicals. Whatever he needed, we may never know, but really who cares.

“This is the absolute awesome blessing of Natural Healing, it is Nature Healing, Your Body Healing, God Healing, and way beyond our comprehension.”

This is why I often tell people that in order to heal themselves, they DO NOT need any knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology. They DO NOT need to take any college courses in Chemistry or Biology, and they DO NOT NEED MEDICAL DOCTORS, DRUGS and HOSPITALS.

Feed your body the best food, get the best nutrition IN, get the old waste OUT, move, have a great attitude and a great spirit, AND YOU SHALL and WILL BE HEALED!

In my clinic I had tens of thousands of people heal themselves of thousands of different chronic diseases. I never healed ANYONE!

I just helped them to set up the perfect conditions for INTERNAL HEALING to take place.


Erin, I know this was a long answer and lesson in Natural Healing, but I am sure you will use it.

— Dr. Schulze