The Daily Telegraph Newspaper

London, England

Five years ago I was in London and discovered this article in a conservative newspaper about the effectiveness of Echinacea as herbal medicine. Again, we have MEDICAL authorities telling us that Echinacea PREVENTS colds and influenza, REDUCES symptoms, REDUCES the duration of infections and even REDUCES your chances of getting another infection.


• PREVENTS colds and influenza

• REDUCES the number of infections

• CUTS the DURATION of colds and influenza

In one of the largest MEDICAL studies to date on Echinacea, medical researchers discovered again how powerful this herb is at PREVENTING colds and influenza, and also reducing the number of reoccurring colds in people with weak immune systems. It also cut the duration of colds dramatically.

The study was performed at the Cardiff University Common Cold Centre in Great Britain and concluded that people taking three daily doses of Echinacea extract for four months had a dramatic reduction in cold and flu infections. Also, the group taking the Echinacea extract, if they did get an infection, that Echinacea cut the duration of the infection dramatically.

The study also concluded that Echinacea dramatically BOOSTED the immune system in people with weak immune systems, and REDUCED the number of infections this group caught, by 60%!

Echinacea was also shown to be a powerful bacterial and viral fighter, while the study also concluded that no one's immune system was over-stimulated, as previous doctors and herbalists had warned about.

NOTE #1: I know exactly the Echinacea extract that was used in this study. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the strongest, I would rate this extract at a 4 or 5. It has little Echinacea taste and flavor, meaning that it is weak and not very concentrated. So, just imagine what a powerful response your body can have—of immune system BOOSTING, cold and flu PREVENTION, and cold and flu FIGHTING—when you use a more Concentrated, Powerful and Effective Echinacea Extract!

NOTE #2: I saw much more effective results in my clinic using Echinacea. But, I used a much more CONCENTRATED extract, LARGER DOSES and ADDITIONAL immune boosting and cold and influenza fighting herbs.

This is why I designed my Cold & Flu PREVENTION Program and my Cold & Flu TREATMENT Program using my Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT”, which contains 12 droppersful of Echinacea Plus, not to mention my SuperTonic, and enough Acerola Cherry to give you 1,000% of your daily Vitamin-C, plus 15 other herbs to fight colds and flu!


— Dr. Schulze