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Eating Meat Is Hazardous To Your Health


I happened to see these three articles on CNN within a short time of each other. I hope you can see the humor and insanity in them as I did.

Look, I don't care what anyone wants to eat, Cows or Sprouts, it doesn't really matter to me, it's your business, but . . . . .

I am in the business of helping people Heal Diseases naturally, and also to Create Powerful Health naturally, and you are NOT going to achieve either of these stuffing dead animals or their eggs or milk into your body.

For one, no dead animal, or any animal egg or milk contains one drop of fiber, NONE. This simply means that once it gets into you, it is very hard to get it back out of you, so it is very, very clogging, congesting and constipating to everything from your arteries to your colon. In fact animal flesh mixed with your digestive fluids has been linked to causing colon cancer and many other colon diseases and other cancers, the #2 cause of death in America.

Additionally, it is rich in cholesterol and fat, in fact animal flesh and animal byproducts are the ONLY source of dietary cholesterol, PERIOD. There is NO cholesterol in any Grain, Vegetable, Fruit, Legume, Seed, Nut, Sprout, NONE. Animals and their by products have been linked to coronary artery and carotid artery disease, the #1 cause of heart attacks, and strokes AND DEATH in America.

Also, they are loaded with antibiotics, hormones, steroids and a 100 other pharmaceutical drugs, so if you think you don't take pharmaceutical drugs, but you eat animals, think again. In fact animal flesh and animal byproducts are loaded with drug residues. Over 50% of the antibiotics manufactured are not used on people, but on animals for slaughter because of the filthy infected conditions they live in. And even if you eat meat that is hormone and drug free, and the animals are treated humanely and killed humanely (is that an oxymoron?), they still contain their own natural hormones that are very alien to your body, like a cows that help it grow from 200 to 2000 pounds in a few years, do you really need hormones like that in your body?

And if you think chicken, or fish is a good healthy alternative, think again. Chicken has just as much fat and cholesterol as fatty hamburger meat and even the freshest fish is still loaded with parasites, mercury, it's scary.

And finally read my latest Summer Catalog 2008 report, page 17 on the right side, my article called "Hamburger Pollution" which shows you how the animal business in America is contributing to global warming much more than all car, bus, truck, airplane and all means of transportation and the burning of fossil fuels combined.

So look, this is not some save the whales plea, or some be kind to animal thing. If I were starving to death, and there was no food in sight, like a desert island, I would probably kill the person next to me and eat them if I needed to, especially if they were irritating me, but, I am far from starving and I am not stranded on a desert island.

The bottom line is that if you are trying to heal yourself of any disease or illness, and/or you are trying to Create Powerful Health, take a break from eating animals and their byproducts. You don't need the bacteria, fat, cholesterol, drugs, antibiotics, parasites, mercury or whatever in your body when you are healing and building health.

Like me, you will probably find that when you stop eating it, you will feel a lot better, lighter, less heavy and bloated, have more energy and will end up just dropping eating the garbage all together. I did, about 40 years ago.

Be Well

– Dr. Schulze

Video Length: 13:51

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