This week, we continue our video series from Dr. Schulze’s 2017 Special Event, held at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey, California.

In this episode, Dr. Schulze talks about putting your focus on eating great food and getting quality nutrition into your body every day.

Because fun is FUNdamental, he makes it a game to find the best and tastiest fresh, organic fruit and vegetables he can find.

He also walks us through his entire daily routine—what he eats every day and when. For anyone curious about what Dr. Schulze eats, this video has some amazing insights!

Finally, Dr. Schulze reminds us all of the POWER of high-quality food. Healthy food is not boring, it’s delicious! And most important, it helps you Create Powerful Health!

Watch next week for more Natural Healing wisdom from this amazing and inspiring event!