This video clip starts up right after the last one I posted two weeks ago. I have finished talking about my own introduction and discovery of Natural Healing, and my personal "Healing Miracles." Now I will explain what I often refer to as the "Faulty Mathematics of Medicine."


I explain what medical doctors do when you go to them, which is give you a "Diagnosis".

A "Diagnosis" is made when the doctor compiles all of your symptoms and then makes their best educated GUESS at what is wrong with you. Then they make their "Prognosis", which is basically FORTUNE-TELLING or telling your FUTURE.

Making a "Diagnosis" is a faulty practice at best, with the finest hospitals in America scoring below a 50% accuracy rate. And, even if they are right, their "Prognosis" is even less accurate. No one but God knows what lies ahead for you, and for me.

This video is about what medical doctors ASSUME, which is that you are the AVERAGE AMERICAN.

If you are, and their diagnosis is accurate, well, then their prognosis may be correct too. In other words, they are ASSUMING that they know how you live, what you eat and drink, and even how you think.

But, if you choose to be different, and NOT be the common and Average American, but instead choose to take RESPONSIBILITY for your life and your health, and are willing to CHANGE, well, then the medical doctors' prognosis, or what they believe will happen to you is TOTALLY INVALID.

There are NO BOOKS WRITTEN and NO MEDICAL STUDIES DONE about people that have diseases, and choose not to undergo their medical doctors' typical treatments of drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and hospitalization, but instead choose to Create Powerful Health by CREATING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE and GETTING EXTREMELY HEALTY. (Well, none except mine.)

So, if you or a loved one has been told that they have a disease, ANY DISEASE, and have also been told what is going to happen to them and told what they need to do medically - or even if they have been told "there is NO CURE" - all I can say is that if you choose to take your healing and health into your own hands, YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF OF ANYTHING.

In other words, if you are simply willing to Change, take Responsibility for yourself and make a few simple healthy lifestyle changes, YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF OF ANYTHING.

Most important:


If you haven't watched the last video clip I posted, take the time now to watch it first, before this one.

Don't be a victim of medicine. Stand up, take responsibility, and PROVE THEM WRONG. Remember...

You can heal yourself of ANYTHING, just STOP doing what has made you sick and caused your diseases, and START living a life that will heal your diseases and Create Powerful Health.


– Dr. Schulze

Video Length: 9:28