I have interrupted my normal flow of health and healing videos through  November to bring you this 3-part video SPECIAL REPORT on the 2008-2009 COLD and INFLUENZA Season. This is because I want you and your family to stay healthy and disease-free all fall and winter long.

I just filmed this video a few days ago. I was addressing some of my staff at the American Botanical Pharmacy, especially employees from the pharmacy store and the call center, people that you talk to when you place an order. I wanted to talk to them to give them some information about this year’s cold and influenza season, but also about my new Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT” that I just released.

I also shot this video for some of the employees who could not attend this lecture, so they could view it at a later date, but when I saw it, I knew immediately that all of you could benefit greatly from watching it too. So here it is. I will keep it headlining my Video Commentary section of this website until November 30th so everyone gets a chance to view all three videos.

FYI: IRAQI Terrorists vs. VIRAL Terrorists: 4,175 American men and women have died in Iraq during the past 5 years. I think this is 4,175 to many! But, over 40,000 Americans WILL DIE in the next 5 MONTHS from cold and influenza infections. That is 10 times more than have died in the past 5 years in Iraq… and they will be dead in only a few months. So listen up!

Like it or not, the 2008-2009 cold and influenza season is here and infections are already spreading across America. My job is to keep you from getting infected. So before you watch my videos, here are two simple things you can do to PROTECT yourself and your family.

First, WASH YOUR HANDS MORE OFTEN. This is the easiest way to PREVENT colds and influenza infections, period. I know it is simple, but ALL studies show that the most common way you will get infected is by touching something that was last touched by someone with a cold or flu, and then putting your fingers in your nose, mouth or on your food. If you would just wash your hands many times a day, like 10 or 12, you can prevent most cold and flu infections.

Second, STAY AWAY FROM SICK PEOPLE! I know this doesn’t sound very nice, but the next most common way you will get infected is by breathing the same air as someone with a cold or flu, especially if they are coughing and sneezing. SO AVOID SICK PEOPLE like the plague, pun intended! And, if you have to be around them, wear a surgical mask and spray a lot of Air Detox around in the air, to kill airborne bacteria and virus.

Part 1: EPIDEMICS and PANDEMICS In this first video I expose the numbers, how many people will get sick this year, how often, and how many will be hospitalized and how many will die. I explain what the difference is between an epidemic and a pandemic, and tell you a little history lesson of what has happened in the past. This short video will give you a great overview of colds and influenza epidemics, so you know what you and your family are up against, and so you take this epidemic seriously.

Video Length: 15:47