When speaking recently in Los Angeles to a small group of customers at the American Botanical Pharmacy Store, Dr. Schulze added how his “Ten Commandments” were also an important part in achieving his goals. And, how these are for everyone to assimilate into their daily lives!

1. I DRINK Liquids that Hydrate, Flush and Nourish Me

I Drink Pure Water, Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Juices and Herbal Teas! 

2. I EAT Food that Creates Powerful Health

Vegetarian, Whole, Nutritious and Organic—Dr. Schulze's Health-Building Food Program!

3. I Use Natural Herbal and Food MEDICINE

To Prevent Dis-ease and Nourish, Clean, Detoxify, Tone, Balance and Heal My Body!

4. I MOVE My Body Every Day

Walking, Dancing, Running, Jumping, Stretching, Breathing, Sweating, Sex… Always Fun!

5. I Take a Week Off Every Season to CLEANSE Myself Internally

Juice-Flushing or Dr. Schulze's Purifying Food Program and his 5-Day Herbal Detox Programs!

6. I Use Only Natural HEALING to Prevent and Treat Dis-ease

Massage, Bodywork, Hydrotherapy and All Therapies that HEAL and Do No Harm!

7. I Create a Healthy HOME Environment for My Well-Being

Natural Soaps, Cleaners and Clothing, No Negative Television, Frequently Trashing!

8. I Have Positive THOUGHTS that Create Powerful Health

Positive Thoughts and Affirmations that Create Love, Laughter, Passion, Peace, Fun and Bliss!

9. I COMMUNICATE to Others as I Like to Be Treated

I Communicate Being Happy, Friendly, Positive, Clear, Honest, Sincere, Caring and Loving!

10. I LOVE Myself and My Life More and More Every Day

Practice Being Self-accepting, Self-ish, Self-centered, Self-involved, Loving YOU! Appreciate All That You Have and Focus On All That You Want To Create. Your FOCUS Determines Your FUTURE! Tomorrow Is What You Believe And Do Today!

Following these ‘commandments' can change your life, too. That’s why Dr. Schulze always says, "it's a joy to be ALIVE!"