Why Everyone Can Have a Healing Miracle


A few weeks ago I spoke to a small group of customers at my American Botanical Pharmacy Store and I shared with them how I am achieving my new goals. An important part of my speech was about Cellular  Regeneration, YOUR Body's Healing Miracle!

Scientific and medical knowledge is rapidly changing, with new research being
conducted every day that explodes old myths. One of the areas of research that is rapidly changing is with aging and disease.

Every cell in your body ages and eventually dies, but miraculously, NEW CELLS are being born, being created, and replacing your old cells every single day. It is hard to know the exact number but most experts agree that about 10 to 20 Million Cells are dying and being replaced by new cells every SECOND in your body. I call this Cellular Regeneration. This is your body's Healing Miracle.

This is how your body repairs itself, and also heals illness and disease, re-grows tissue, repairs bones and even replaces organs. This is how your body can and will heal itself of any problem, illness, dis-ease and also how it Creates Powerful Health, actually Very Quickly.

For instance, the life span every of red blood cell is about 120 days, so you have old red blood cells being metabolized and new red blood cells being born constantly. So 120 days from now, there won't be one red blood cell in your body that is there today. NOT ONE. 120 Days from now you will have had a COMPLETE exchange of blood, an oil change, a blood transfusion, and EVERY SINGLE DROP of blood in your body will be NEW BLOOD.

Although some scientists and medical experts argue over how much time it actually takes for each part of your body to regenerate, all of them are reducing this time as new discoveries are made. Generally, this is how fast some of the parts of your body totally regenerate;

Small Intestine (surface villi) 2 to 3 days, Stomach Lining 5 Days, Colon Lining 7 Days, Skin 14 to 30 Days, Liver 45 Days to 1 year, Bladder 50 Days, Most Brain Cells 60 to 90 Days, Blood 120 Days, Skeleton 90 Days to 5 years, Lungs: surface cells 2 to 3 weeks (alveoli cells up to 1 year), Complete Skeleton 7 years, Heart up until recently it was thought it did not regenerate, but now it is known that it completely regenerates at least 3 or 4 times during your lifetime. I KNOW THIS!

It's a joy to be ALIVE!

Dr. Schulze