It's summer, my friends, so let's have some FUN! Remember, FUN is FUNdamental in EVERYTHING that you do in life! An old cowboy friend of mine from Deadwood, South Dakota, Jerry Croft told me once, “Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life.” I think that's great advice. (Hollywood Note: Jerry made most of Tom Selleck's great looking leather gear for the award winning western, Quigley Down Under.) Anyway, I think you all know that I LOVE what I DO. I have dedicated my life to educating everyone on Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine and that is what this BLOG site is all about.

So, for the entire month of August, while many of you are on a well-deserved vacation, I am working on our all-new 2012 Herbal Products Catalog, which my customers will receive in mid-September. I need to focus on the new things I am writing for this catalog and getting it out to you, so I am taking a short break from answering your questions on this BLOG for the month of August.

I'll bet you haven't seen all five! Over the past six months, a lot of you have asked me to re-run a few of my older short “classic” video clips from the archives, so for August I have decided to replay the TOP FIVE short videos of the past few years, counting down from number five.

How did I pick the TOP FIVE? I didn't, YOU DID! I just paid attention to your responses, your letters, emails and what the BLOG site statistics tell me. So we could call these the “Dr. Schulze's People's Choice Short Video Awards”. Then in September I will get back to answering all of your questions right on this BLOG. So let's get going!