OK, here is a blast from the past from about 17 years ago.

This is the true story of the health challenges that I faced personally, from my personal “DEATH SENTENCE”, and how I refused medical treatment and put my own ass on the line in a life or death situation when I was only 16 years old (including some rare pictures of my injuries).

This awesome video clip explains why I am not a “virgin sex counselor”. Most important, this is what I discovered to heal my diseases and injuries, and keep me off of the operating table on three different occasions.

In this video clip, I am teaching at a seminar when I was about 45, had more hair and a ponytail, had more fat, and wore gaudier clothes, but my message hasn’t changed.

I think you will really enjoy this video clip; it was taken from the first half hour of every seminar I taught, where I liked to tell people the real Dr. Schulze story.

Many of you are new friends who have found me on the Internet, and new customers, who have not had the opportunity to see me live... this is the story of how I “Created My Own Healing Miracles”!

If you can just get past some of my bad jokes (and my very loud gold vest) you will see the essence of my message today—the classic fundamentals and basic principles of Natural Healing.

This video contains some of my most important keys, tools and affirmations to healing yourself of anything, and any disease, NATURALLY!

So sit back and enjoy this antique footage where I will truly explain how I discovered Natural Healing OVER 40 YEARS AGO. This is where it all started, when I proved way before my clinic, and way before my thousands and thousands of patients, why, if you are willing to STOP doing what has created your disease, and START doing what will Create Powerful Health, you can truly heal yourself of any disease or injury—ANYTHING—and do it NATURALLY!

- Dr. Schulze