Absolutely nothing is more important than starting your Healthy Spring Cleaning right, and that means starting 2015 with a Brand New Super-Improved Healthy YOU!

For the past few years, and this past year especially, I’ve been working on dramatically improving my health (and my life!) by upgrading my Health Programs—my food intake, my workouts, my playtime—everything I experience in life!

A few weeks ago I spoke to a small group of customers at my American Botanical Pharmacy Store and I shared with them how I am achieving my new goals. I also pushed them to expand their health programs like I have, and set their own new health goals. Challenging yourself can be fun, and it’s much more fun than turning your life over to doctors, hospitals and the horror of a medical nightmare!

The bottom line is I’m not doing anything in my health regimen that you can’t do and you can’t accomplish yourself! All it takes is putting your mind and body into moving more, improving your food intake, and changing YOU, simply by adding just that little bit of extra effort!

So here’s my introduction speech to the event. Now I invite you to join me on a path to Better Health!

It’s a joy to be ALIVE!

— Dr. Schulze