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Dr. Schulze’s 10 Commandments

Based on Dr. Schulze’s Book, “20 Powerful Steps to a Healthier Life”…
1. I DRINK Liquids that Hydrate, Flush and Nourish Me

I Drink Pure Water, Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Juices and Herbal Teas!

2. I EAT Food that Creates Powerful Health

Vegetarian, Whole, Nutritious and Organic—Dr. Schulze’s Health-Building Food Program!

3. I Use Natural Herbal and Food MEDICINE

To Prevent Dis-ease and Nourish, Clean, Detoxify, Tone, Balance and Heal My Body!

4. I MOVE My Body Every Day

Walking, Dancing, Running, Jumping, Stretching, Breathing, Sweating, Sex… Always Fun!

5. I Take a Week Off Every Season to CLEANSE Myself Internally

Juice-Flushing or Dr. Schulze’s Purifying Food Program and Herbal Detox Programs!

6. I Use Only Natural HEALING to Prevent and Treat Dis-ease

Massage, Bodywork, Hydrotherapy and All Therapies that HEAL and Do No Harm!

7. I Create a Healthy HOME Environment for My Well-Being

Natural Soaps, Cleaners and Clothing, No Negative Television, Frequently Trashing!

8. I Have Positive THOUGHTS that Create Powerful Health

Positive Thoughts and Affirmations that Create Love, Laughter, Passion, Peace, Fun and Bliss!

9. I COMMUNICATE to Others as I Like to Be Treated

I Communicate Being Happy, Friendly, Positive, Clear, Honest, Sincere, Caring and Loving!

10. I LOVE Myself and My Life More and More Every Day

Practice Being Self-accepting, Self-ish, Self-centered, Self-involved, Loving YOU!
Appreciate All That You Have and Focus On All That You Want To Create.
Your FOCUS Determines Your FUTURE! Tomorrow Is What You Believe And Do Today!