In this segment, I tell you why Vitamin-C Complex is one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature. Simply put: IT KEEPS YOU YOUNG.

Free radicals are like “Poison Broken Glass” circulating in your body. They tear you up, kill cells, cause disease and make you rapidly age. The natural antioxidants in Vitamin-C Complex STOP this, so it SLOWS AGING! Vitamin-C also makes collagen, which keeps you LOOKING and FEELING YOUNGER. Plus, it is also pure immune fuel, or “Fuel for the FIGHT!”

In this segment I also explain what Natural Vitamin-C Complex actually is—OVER 5,000 discovered compounds! And, why mankind will NEVER be able to reproduce it in a laboratory.

I also expose toxic, Chinese, Ascorbic Acid or what I call “Vitamin-Chemotherapy” and explain EXACTLY how this extremely TOXIC Ascorbic Acid is made.

I HATE LIARS I know, I know, hate is a strong word, but when people lie to you, and then take your money, and worse, ruin your health, well, to me they are the worst form of scum.

Today in America, the top 20 Vitamin-C supplements are horrific, toxic chemicals and sugar. The top-selling Vitamin-C powder is 35% SUGAR! They are extremely cheap to make and they WILL make you sick.

Most of my patients had no idea, and most of you don’t know either, that Vitamin-C (Ascorbic Acid) is a horrible, man-made, synthetic, toxic chemical. And, that 90% of it is industrial-made in CHINA.

Worse,it is made from genetically modified corn SUGAR, which is oxidized, then treated with ACETONE (nail polish remover), further oxidized with CARBOXYLIC ACID (a chemical used in making Styrofoam), and finally bleached with toxic, household BLEACH.

There is only ONE NATURAL Vitamin-C on the planet—the Vitamin-C that is found in fruit, vegetables and herbs!

As you know, the purpose of my BLOG is to educate for free, not to sell my herbal medicines, but sometimes those paths cross a little. So, I am putting my “Evening with Dr. Schulze” presentation on this BLOG site for everyone to see (I’ve divided it into four 12-minute videos). I am doing this not to sell this herbal product, but to sell you on an idea, to enlighten you, to NEVER put toxic, chemical Vitamin-C supplements into your mouth again.

In God and Nature I Trust.

— Dr.Schulze

PS: If you can’t wait, and want to watch the entire presentation right away, CLICK HERE!