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Dear Dr. Schulze, How safe is Senna to take on a daily basis? I have an issue with sluggish bowels. If I don't take #1, I don't eliminate. I may go for days without a bowel movement. But Senna is a laxative, albeit a natural one. I am afraid I am creating a dependency. Not to mention, I am not always able to take it at dinnertime with food due to my work schedule. If I don't take it at the right time at night, it hits me in the morning at an inconvenient time. Will your herbal mucilage work better for me? Thanks.

- Jamie, H, Cardiff, CA, .

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Dear Jamie,

I have a whole bunch of great answers for you.

First, you are not the first person to ask this question and you will not be the last. I get over 20 questions a day that are very similar (if not identical) to your question so this brings up a great point.


Many people just look for the answer on my BLOG for their particular question, not realizing that I have already answered their question in the past to another person. This is all the more reason to really use this BLOG site as I built this for you Jamie, and all my customers, crusaders and anyone who needs any healing, health or herbal answers.

For my great answer to your question, go over to the left side of your computer screen, on what I call my left-side navigation bar. Now scroll down the page a bit to the main Blue Heading that says BLOG ARCHIVES. Now go down to the very first sub category, which is SEARCH by Disease or Illness and click on this and a jillion sub-categories will open up.

Now, scroll down to Constipation and click on that, and a whole bunch of videos, articles and customer answers will pop up on your screen all about the bowel and Constipation. Scroll down to the eighth entry, which is a letter I answered for a customer, Sarah C. on September 9th, 2008 entitled To Poop or Not to Poop, that is the Question. In my answer you will find the answer to your question and probably much more.

You also have a question on HerbalMucil Plus and also the herbs in Intestinal Formula #1. In this very same section, the second entry as you scroll down is a 14-minute video on HerbalMucil Plus (Dr. Schulze Introduces his NEW HerbalMucil Plus). This video is ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITES. My brother Larry filmed this with my handheld video camera and it starts off with me on the toilet and ends up in the kitchen—its really FUN! It may sound like it is all about HerbalMucil, but in actuality it is almost all about the bowel with some amazing statistics and some of my best Natural Healing Evangelism. This video should be shown in every school across America.

Also, in this same section are many videos including a 40-minute video on Intestinal Formula #1 and other videos on ALL of my Intestinal Formulas. Also, check out the Classic Video at the bottom of this section.

The point I am making here for you, Jamie—and EVERYONE reading this answer—is that I spent two years and over a hundred thousand dollars to get this BLOG site up and running to answer all of your questions, so PLEASE USE ME UP! Seriously, I have put sooooo much work into this BLOG site, and my entire life into the answers, videos and audios. You can even READ ALL OF MY BOOKS and WATCH ALL OF MY DVD's FREE right on this site! Just click on them and check out my really cool book-reading program. And, you don't have to buy anything… YAHOO!!!!!!

This BLOG is my dream come true for my Natural Healing Crusade to EDUCATE the world about natural health, healing and herbal medicine.

So I invite all of you to take the time to really go over this BLOG site and see all that is on it.

Now Jamie, to give you a little personal attention, I answer your questions in the areas I mentioned on the BLOG in detail. I think you will be very satisfied. I am just giving you a little homework. And, if you still have questions, well, use this BLOG to ask more.

You are on the right path my friend, get your bowel working well and a new life awaits you! You will be absolutely amazed at the physical, emotional and spiritual changes that you will notice in your life when you have a clean and healthy bowel. It is a whole life makeover!

— Dr. Schulze

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