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Don’t Turn Disease ON!

Don’t Turn Disease ON!

While Science and Medicine has been searching for decades, trying to find ways to turn disease OFF, I have devoted my life to discovering ways to live healthy, to not turn disease ON in the first place!

So when I saw the cover of this months Scientific American magazine, (March 2015) with the cover and lead story, ‘Electric Cures, Bioelectric medicine could create an “off switch” for arthritis, diabetes, even cancer’, I realized yet again, the huge difference between Modern Medicine, and Natural Healing.

Just the term, “off-switch” shows the focus: kill disease, stop disease, switch it OFF. On the contrary, I have always focused on living in such a way, to prevent disease from starting in the first place. And if you are already diseased, then creating such a healthy lifestyle, that your body will heal itself.

Switching off disease, killing it, suppressing it, numbing it, sending it into remission, is not a cure. This is the multi trillion-dollar American disease management industry.

This article also reminded me of an event about a decade ago. I was at a party where a prominent medical doctor was asked to speak, representing one of the nations leading cancer research hospitals. The host was asking the invitees to donate money for more cancer research. I eagerly attended this doctor’s speech.

He basically took an hour to say that they have identified certain genes within the human body, that when irritated by “harmful chemicals”, the genes then mutate and turn into cancer. And his organization, with the help of 100 Billion Dollars (and he had the nerve to say maybe 100 years of more research), would be able to create more medical chemicals, “new chemotherapy”, to inject into people, to stop your genes from mutating into cancer, when irritated by these “harmful chemicals”. And he said that then they could inoculate every baby with them, so no one “supposedly” will ever get cancer again (sounds like a few sci-fi zombie movies I have already seen).

At the end of his speech, he asked if anyone had any questions and I eagerly waved my hand like a little kid in school that needs to pee. He said, "yes, your question is?" And I asked, “do you know or have you identified what these harmful chemicals are that irritate our genes and trigger them to cause cancer?” To my surprise he said, “of course we know what they are.” He said all the chemicals we are bombarded with in our daily life, mostly from junk food, fast food, preservatives and pesticides on food, and also poisons in the junk drinks we consume, and our water, and in our home and environment.

I waved my hand again, and he said yes (a little miffed), and I said, “well if we know what these harmful chemicals are, that trigger our genes to mutate and cause cancer, wouldn’t it be a lot easier and a lot cheaper, and a lot FASTER, to just stop eating and drinking them?” He laughed at me and said, “Who is going to do that? That’s what Americans do.”

I kid you not!

So he was basically saying that they need 100 Billion dollars and 100 years to try and develop new chemicals, to block the damage, disease and cancer that the current chemicals in our junk food and drink are causing us.

I know, I am always looking for the simple solutions. But it just seems to me that to spend 100 Billion Dollars, and take 100 years, to try and discover more chemotherapy, to inject into people, to block their genes from mutating into cancer after they have been poisoned by junk food, well… does anyone but me see the insanity in this approach. Wouldn’t it just be easier to NOT EAT THE JUNK?

I know, I KNOW, too simple, but this is my point. So back to the beginning; finding the new ‘off switch’ for disease by shocking the body with electricity, or drugs that cause electrical nerve reactions. Haven’t I heard this all before? And what might the side effects be?

First, lets save the 100 Billion Dollars; heck already over 50% of American bankruptcies today are caused by doctor, drug and hospital bills that people cannot afford. And we spend more money in America per person on medical care and we still don’t make it into the top 15 countries for longevity. And 100 years? My patients didn’t have 100 years to wait, they needed health NOW!

After all, I have the cure for Cancer, and all disease for that matter too. Stop doing what causes it!

Dr. Schulze

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