In this week’s video, Dr. Schulze gets a question from a customer who asks about digestive enzymes and probiotics.

He shares that probiotics have gotten very “hip”, but the truth is our grandparents were likely doing a better job of getting probiotics into their diets by eating things like sauerkraut, kimchi, and any other fermented vegetable, which are found in nearly every culture around the world and are loaded with probiotics.

Probiotics are simply “good bacteria” and you have lots of wonderful “good bacteria” in your body, especially in your bowel. Pharmaceutical drugs (especially antibiotics), fried foods, fast foods, sugar-laden foods, all destroy this “good bacteria” and healthy intestinal flora.

His bottom line: Many people have destroyed their healthy intestinal flora with rampant antibiotic use and an unhealthy food program. Fermented vegetables are still the simplest and BEST source of probiotics.

See you next week!