Start with Bowel!

This week, Dr. Schulze begins discussing his fourth step to Create Powerful Health Naturally: DETOXIFICATION!

Dr. Schulze has three basic detoxes for your elimination organs—his Bowel, Liver, and Kidney Detox Programs—and the top questions he typically hears is “Which one do I start with?” and “Which one should I do if I only do one?"

In this video, he shares his first step to detoxification—always start with the Bowel. The reason why is simple. If you are going to cleanse and detox any part of your body, those poisons, chemical residues, and toxins that are being cleansed and eliminated will ultimately pass through your Bowel on their way out. And, if your Bowel is not clean, if it’s sluggish and not working efficiently, those toxins and poisons will then sit in your Bowel and slowly begin reabsorbing back into your body and bloodstream, making you feel terrible. So always, ALWAYS get your Bowel clean FIRST.

Stay tuned next week for more from this amazing and inspiring event…