Dear Joe,

I want you to know how much I appreciate your letter. For me, I never get tired of evangelizing the power of Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine, and I NEVER get tired of getting letters like yours with miracles testimonies. I have seen so many miracles in my life, helping people to bring themselves back from death's door, but for all the people reading the BLOG every week, I can guarantee you Joe, your letter will inspire relatives to act and it will save many lives. So I thank you personally, and from my customers, for taking the time to write this letter.

Why I am not on Good Morning America, 20/20 or 60 Minutes?

That's a great question; I think I have a few answers for this.

My clinic was closed not because I ever had a patient complain to the authorities, not one. It was closed as best as I can see because…

My patients were an embarrassing living testimony to the great failure of Medical Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Drugs.

This type of healing we call modern medicine can work occasionally. But it is just a temporary quick-fix because it is your lifestyle changes that will heal you permanently.

The ONLY true healing is the one that your body performs BY ITSELF, ON ITSELF, HEALING ITSELF, not what medical doctors do. And, since this modern medical show in America alone is a 2 TRILLION DOLLAR business—over 20% of the Gross National Product of the entire United States—well, the medical mafia and the drug cartels not only sponsor these television networks with commercials, but also they don't take too kindly to cheap, inexpensive, common sense, natural and herbal healing. When you make statements like I do, and you do, that you can heal killer diseases with a $200 juicer, a few handfuls of weeds, some garlic and hot peppers, a little detoxification and flushing and a whole lot of good old common sense, well, that just plain pisses them off.

But don't stress, the world is coming around, one by one. It's hard to find someone these days who isn't a bit disgusted with his or her medical doctor, and who hasn't heard of common sense Natural Healing, and who isn't making some kind of healthy lifestyle changes. Or, just turn on the television and you will see ads by lawyers who want to assist you in suing the drug companies (1-800-BAD DRUG) because you or a relative were injured or even killed by a pharmaceutical drug. And thanks to you, my friend, we just keep getting the word out more and more.

As far as being able to make enough SuperFood, or Intestinal Formula #1 to go around, there is no doubt that the Oprah effect would put a strain on my business. We buy only the finest and most expensive herbs, we make everything by hand and we make herbal MEDICINE, not herbal products, so we can only grow so fast. Also, I have to let my organic farmers know a year ahead of time how much herbs I think I will need for the following year, so I can steadily grow bigger, but I am a “word of mouth” niché business. I like growing though, because the beauty of my company growing a lot bigger every year is that the bigger I get, the more I need from my organic farmers, wild harvesters and their families, the less chemicals being dumped on American soils, it's a win, win, win for everybody.

My Arrogance? Hmmmm…

What About THEIR Arrogance?

First off, I should say that the most arrogant people I ever meet on this planet are definitely medical doctors. My arrogance is mild compared to them.

They are so arrogant and myopic, they only see things their way. They think their form of healing is the only true or real healing, and warn people to stay away from any other form of healing besides modern medicine that they do not understand or have any knowledge of, especially natural and herbal healing. They are so arrogant, they never like being questioned, they just want you to do as they say. After all, you are too stupid to understand medicine. Beyond this, their worst arrogance is that they will tell you when you are going to die.

As far as my arrogance, well, there is no denying that here. I am pretty darn arrogant, I agree. But there is a reason behind this arrogance. (BTW Joe, I know you don't think I am arrogant, but this is for anyone who thinks I am.)

I watched my Dad die in my arms when I was 11. He was definitely murdered by medical doctors. My Mom dropped dead just a few years later. The medical doctors had her on a dozen drugs, and the last few years of her life she was a stoned drug addict. I watched as the medical doctors killed my parents and destroyed my family. Were my parents responsible? OF COURSE they should have questioned the doctors, and not lined up like sheep to the slaughter.

Then, at 16, I was told by the medical doctors that I would be dead by 20 without open heart surgery. I refused and discovered another way to heal my heart.

Later, working, apprenticing and interning in my great teachers' clinics, I witnessed thousands of healing miracles. Thousands!

Then in my clinic, I walked my patients through my programs and herbal medicines just like you taught your sister-in-law and helped your brother-in-law save his life when he was sent home to die.

I have seen, now thousands of times, that your body can heal itself of ANYTHING, ANY DISEASE, if you are willing to simply STOP killing yourself and START a new Healthy Lifestyle!

Yep, you're right again, no denying it, I'm a pretty loud, pushy, passionate, and ARROGANT Natural Healer.

Think about it, though… Is it so arrogant to say that if you get really healthy, that disease will simply leave your body? Even diseases like Arthritis, Alzheimer's, Artery Blockage, Nerve Degeneration or Cancer? I think not. I think it's just plain common sense. If it is arrogant, then I'm arrogant for sure. Guilty as charged.

Today I get letters, emails and walk-in testimonies at my pharmacy every day, telling me more miracle stories.

My personal crusade is to make damn sure that I get this message to everyone out there like my parents, who didn't know there was an alternative to Doctors, Drugs and Hospitals.

Yeah, I'm Arrogant!

Joe, I think we probably have this in common, my friend.

I thank you so much for your email. It will help so many.

— Dr. Schulze