I know I cut my chin off in the frame, but bottom line is these are quick selfie videos, and I’m not using any teleprompter. It’s just my your heart.

This week I want to talk to you about my painter, Steve. Now, I’ve learned that Steve is much more concerned about the paint on my house than I am. He’s worried my primer only has a few years left. He’s worried the paint on my house might peel. He’s much more concerned than I am about it.

And I also realized that I am like Steve. I am probably more worried about your health than you are. But that’s OK. That’s my job. It’s Steve’s job to worry about the paint on my house, and it’s Dr. Schulze's job to worry about YOU and your health. I worry about your bowel, your liver, and more importantly, the QUALITY of your life (how good you feel) and your QUANTITY of life (how long I can help you live it).

I just wanted to let you know that today. I know I go on and on about bowel cleansing, but that’s simply because I know it’s going to help you feel better, have a flatter stomach, look better, be happier, and live a longer life.

So, that’s why Dr. Schulze is always there to remind you to clean up, get healthier, have a wonderful, blissed-out life, and do all the things you want to do!

Love you lots and see you next week!

— Dr. Schulze