This is a great video, with a Great Woman, Veronica, from Las Vegas. She is a Breast Cancer Survivor, and has created a healthy home, but is asking my advice about how to convince and change her husband, to get him more on her path, to get him more on a healthier path. She said she is tired of being the “Freak of the Family”. She says her husband will NEVER DO A DETOX either.

Many times in a marriage, one partner gets healthier while the other remains the same, or even degenerates. I had many patients that found themselves in this exact same dilemma, and many people writing me questions each month have this same problem too—a spouse that will not come around to the healthier ways of living.

The bottom line is that all too often when one person in a marriage heals themselves naturally, by making positive healthy lifestyle changes, and Creates Powerful Health, the other spouse does not join them on their healthy adventure. Worse, the spouse may remain the same, or can even resent their spouse’s health program.

Nobody is wrong or bad, but the time may come when couples may have to choose between the healthy way and the highway. They may find they need a new spouse that supports their new healthy lifestyle, or better yet, even joins them in their new lifestyle of Creating Powerful Health.

I hope that some of the thoughts I share on this video will be of some help to you.

— Dr. Schulze