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Wisdom from one of the early pioneers of modern Natural Healing.

Colon Cancer “ALL CLEAR” Breast Cancer GONE


Dear Dr. Schulze, This is not a question, simply a comment. I am 23 years old. My mom, whom I consider to be a very healthy person, was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. Of course, doctors from everywhere wanted to immediately start her on chemo and radiation. That is, after they removed about 5 inches of her colon, where she would then have to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of her life. Instead, she decided she would find another way to allow her body to heal the cancer. She immediately went on a raw, vegan diet, did daily enemas, wheatgrass juice, and very intense detox cleanses such as your Intestinal Formulas 1 & 2. (By the way, my whole family is now regularly taking your intestinal products.) Anyway, I am writing this letter with a smile on my face, because it has been 8 months now, and my mom's cancer is gone. Her colon is still completely intact, she never had an ounce of chemo or radiation put into her body, (nor the surgery nor the colostomy bag). She recently went to her 3-month blood work check up, in which the results came back "ALL CLEAR". Anyways, I want to let you know that I am saddened to read letters like the one (last week) that very "PROFESSIONAL" doctor sent you. You truly are saving lives. Thanks for continuing to do what you do, even after you get letters like the one you shared on your blog. That takes great courage. I can speak from experience, that I have seen huge health changes in myself, and my whole family, after using your products. I recently went on your website and pretty much ordered one of everything, because I trust you and your products so much. So, again… THANKS for doing what you do! Sincerely,

- Kaitlin, R, Palm Beach, FL, USA,

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Dear Kaitlin,

In my clinic I had patients with EVERY type of bowel disease from polyps to colon cancer, and I watched as they avoided the medical doctors’ knives, radiation and drugs, and then healed themselves doing my Natural Healing programs and herbal detoxification programs.

So many people write me asking what to do for all types of cancer. (So if you have cancer and are reading this) I always suggest you do EVERYTHING Natural, a Natural and Herbal Blitz Program. Do EVERYTHING in my 20 Steps Book! Do EVERYTHING in my INCURABLES Book, and MORE! It sounds to me like this is exactly what your Mom did.

Also, thanks for your emotional support. I have been attacked by the medical community all of my life. My clinic was closed. But thank God we still have freedom of speech in America, so I can keep on evangelizing the amazing natural healing ability of your body, and freedom of choice, so your Mom had the healthy option of herbs, foods and Natural Healing, instead of cutting, burning, poisoning and gluing bags on herself.

Please give your Mom a BIG Hug and a Kiss from me, and tell her I am very proud of her. And give my love to your entire family.

— Dr. Schulze


Dear Dr. Schulze,

Well, this isn't a question... I have told this story to over 200 people, all of which have followed your programs after hearing this.

I want to start with my mother (who) found out she had breast cancer. The Medical Doctors told her she had to have a disfiguring surgery and chemo.

She called me and told me to sit down; she said that she had cancer... I said "uhhh ok??”

She said to me "I am NOT following my medical doctor's advice, I have decided to follow Dr. Schulze's program". That was why she asked me to sit down.

I told her she was crazy and I did NOT agree with her, but she assured me this is what she was going to do...

That was 22 years ago and she has been cancer free now for 22 years!!

Now about me, about 13 years ago, my sixth child was born. The Doctors told me I had liver failure!! What?? How would that happen?? They also informed me that my numbers where in the 1000’s when they should be in the 40-60 range. Ok, and that means what to me, right?? My doctor answered, “I lost a new mom to lower numbers than yours.” Hmmmmm, so I asked what does that mean?? Her answer was…

“You are going to die!!”

They informed me I had to go on this three-week long steroid program, my only option... I did it because I was a new mom and scared and just lost.

Well, the steroids fried my thyroid, caused other issues and the list goes on...

SO, I call my mother (oh ya, after I did what the doctors told me) and she just gave me your 1-800-HERBDOC phone number.

I went on the liver flush program for three months, I passed so many different colored stones—red, green, blue, it was crazy—I went back to my doctor just to say hey, I'm not dead!!

When I showed up the first thing that came out of her mouth was…

"OH, I thought you were dead"...

I allowed them to run test after test after test and they came up with NOTHING!! I tried to tell her how I healed myself naturally, she wasn't having it, she said “Well I guess somehow, your body just got over it (as if it was a cold or something) and if you ever get pregnant again YOU WILL DIE!!”

Well, the medical doctors were wrong as I now have SEVEN children and my liver never even made a peep!!!

Keep up the great work, Dr. Schulze!!

Oh ya, and your Female tonic stuff has kept my thyroid working!! :)

— Linda B. in Edgewood, NM

Dear Linda,

Your Mom, refusing all of the medical treatment, then healing herself of breast cancer and then staying cancer-free and HEALTHY for the past 22 years—YES!!!!!!

Again, anyone out there reading this with cancer, get your butt (and your buts) out of the way and STOP doing what causes cancer and START doing what will Create Powerful Health! And you too can create your own healing miracle.

Regarding you Linda, you are blessed—SEVEN children!

Thanks for NOT listening to the medical doctors and DYING 13 years ago, and thanks for NOT listening to the medical doctors and having your SEVENTH child.

ALL OF MY LIFE, I have heard medical doctors telling me, “you will be dead by 20”, “you will never grow skin on your hand” and “you will never walk again”. And, to my patients, “you will never have another child”, or the most popular, “you will be dead in a few months”.

Is it any wonder we all ignore their doom and gloom statements?

Considering this, and after receiving last week’s rude letter from a medical doctor, I think most medical doctors should be required to go to finishing and etiquette school. Or to go back to pre-school, as somewhere along the way they forgot to “play nice”.

Great Healing Linda and Mom!

— Dr. Schulze

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