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Chinese Backlash

Last week I wrote a commentary, to warn all of my BLOG readers, mainly that Chinese “Herbal” Medicine, as it is almost always called, often contains a lot more than just herbs! I want to thank all those that wrote me thanking me for my report. My sole purpose was not to condemn any traditional medicine, nor the Chinese, but to simply expose the ugly truth, so that you are all aware what is being sold as “herbs”.

I only received one single negative hate/e-mail, only one, from a Chinese person. Normally I don’t bother to respond to one unique e-mail, I respond to questions that all of us can learn from, so that is really what I am doing here.

I don’t really care if this person wants “off my list” or not. What I do care about is your health, and you being able to heal yourself naturally using herbal medicine, my point being herbal, and my point really being your health education. After all, the whole point of this BLOG is so you can make better and more informed health and healing choices and decisions.

So the following response is not really a response to Ryu, but a continued lesson in Herbal Clarity for all of us. A huge part of my clinical work, and now my educational work, is illuminating my patients and followers to what they are putting into their mouth; food, drink, pharmaceutical medicine and even herbal medicine.

Even if someone does not care about consuming deer antlers, caterpillar fungus, insects, and dead animal organs, and much worse, it just doesn’t make good sense to use natural medicine and herbs from the other side of the planet. When this planet was created, all the good herbs were not put on the other side far away from us. There are medicinal herbs over the entire planet, and it is best for all of us to learn how to use what is growing right in our own backyards, especially in time of crisis or when the delivery truck gets a flat tire. Exotic is not better, it is just… exotic.

This week I will also deviate from my usual format and answer this reader’s comments right in their letter, one paragraph at a time, so it is easier for you to understand what I am teaching.

Dear Dr. Schulze,

I'm taking myself off of your list right now.

Years ago I decided that my absolute focus, being a doctor, and especially being an outspoken natural doctor, was one thing. To help people to heal themselves, and stay healthy, naturally. It was not to win a popularity contest. I realized over 40 years ago, that if I were to speak the truth, that I would anger 10%, maybe even 20% of my readers, (in this case it seems it was only 1 / 1,000,000%). Anyway, to me, in order to give you my best of what I have learned in my lifelong journey into natural medicine, what I tell you may not always be the most politically correct or socially correct, and it won’t be watered down, designed to be polite or digestible to the masses. So I will lose some readers and customers along the way. So be it! I’ve always said if people don’t want to hear the truth, I can always go off the grid and retire. I’m happy to say that so far, I’m not retiring any time soon!

As a Taiwanese/Chinese-American who has lived in the U.S. for 30+ years of my life, I found your article on Chinese medicine offensive.

I will never get this hyphen-American thing. Sure, it is important to remember our roots, but give me a break. African-American, okay, because their ancestors were kidnapped, beaten, brought to America against their will and enslaved. So if they want to distinguish themselves from the rest of us who immigrated, or from our parents who emigrated on their own free will, or use the hyphen for their years of oppression and cruelty, or for whatever reason, so be it. (So brothers and sisters, take your time and use the hyphen as long as you want)

But immigrants, forget about it. If you have been living here for 30 plus years, and I am assuming you weren’t kidnapped or enslaved, then you’re an American. I am not saying love it or leave it here; I am saying get with the program. What makes America the greatest country in the world is our diversity, and the fact that 99% of us came from somewhere else, to make a better life for ourselves and our families. My family came from Germany, but I never refer to myself as a German-American. Hyphens are a separatist movement and I’m for all of us dropping the limited access bullshit and getting along.

So if you’re a citizen, you can drop the Chinese part. If you’re not, become one, and drop the Chinese part!

Chinese herbs come from a wide variety of sources and even within the Traditional Chinese Medicine community there are folks fighting to give up the use of endangered animals in medicine. 

You still don’t get it! You say Chinese herbs come from a wide variety of sources, proving my point. If the source isn’t a plant, then it is NOT an HERB!

I am aware that some Chinese are fighting to clean up their act, and I applaud the Chinese who are trying to upgrade and modernize their traditional medicine.  But, never the less, it still exists!

So let me try to set you straight here, once and for all. My point is that the name Traditional Chinese “Herbal” Medicine, is a big fat lie. It should just be referred to as Traditional Chinese Medicine. And they need to STOP referring to non-plant material ingredients as herbal!

I will repeat from last week's Blog, statement's taken from a Chinese Herbal Product catalog sitting right on my desk: “This formula contains over 40 HERBS, three of which are male animal sexual organs. Later on it states “supertonic HERBS such as deer antler and it calls pearl, a very special HERBAL substance”.

Almost all Traditional medicines, even American Indian, were loaded with lots of animal guts, insects and god knows what else, basically using anything that grew, ran, flew, swam or crawled. Traditional Chinese medicine is a great example of this. Lets go to the dictionary here, the AMERICAN dictionary.

HERB, from Webster’s AMERICAN Dictionary!

1:      a plant or plant part valued for it’s medicinal, savory, or aromatic qualities


When you constantly say, “the Chinese this... the Chinese that…” you are attributing an entire group of people to the horrible practice of including human parts and other disgusting things in these pills.

I have NEVER walked into ANY Chinese Herbal Store, selling herbs or herbal tonics or herbal medicines, whether traditional or new age or modern, that didn’t sell deer antlers, cordycepts or fungus off the heads of caterpillars, dried fish, insects and all sorts of weird stuff that simply IS NOT HERBAL and didn’t smell like death. And, I want to make everyone aware that these substances are being called herbal, and sold as PLANT material! They are not PLANT materials!

I have also been warning people for decades about Homeopathy, a system of medicine that also lies and sells itself as being herbal medicine, when it is not. Yes, they also use herbs, but additionally they use hundreds of very disgusting and toxic substances like lead, arsenic, animal pus, ground bugs… the list is long. Their popular remedy Oscillococcinum, promoted for colds and flu, that most people think is herbal, is actually made from ground up duck livers and mashed duck hearts. By the way, Homeopathy was invented a few hundred years ago by a German medical doctor, not an herbal doctor. Again, Homeopathy, like Chinese Medicine, does use herbs, but also uses hundreds of other very toxic and disgusting things. By the way, I will write about Homeopathy in a few weeks.

It is deeply offensive.

Sometimes the truth is offensive! What I find “deeply offensive” is anyone selling animal parts, insect parts, fish parts and deer antler, and calling it Herbal Medicine!

Just like there is a wide variety of sources for “American” herbs, so it is with any other broad category. 

I am NOT aware of anyone selling American Herbs, American Herbal Tonics or American Herbal Medicines that is blending in deer antler, animal guts, bugs and non-herbal material. If you are, please let me know.

It really comes across as, shall we say, RACIST.

“It”, I think you mean me here, that “I” come across as racist. I would not be afraid to tell you if I was a racist, but I am NOT a racist, actually far from it. After my parents died, I grew up in a Japanese Dojo and have spent most of my life studying the martial arts. Most of my teachers and friends in this art are Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Filipino. In fact I am sure I know more about oriental medicine than you. I’m just a man who calls an herb, an herb and doesn’t believe we have to torture and kill any animals to make medicine.

Forget it.  With all the nutritional healing guru’s out there the last thing I need is this slanderous propaganda. Have a good time catering to your “American” audience.

Ryu C.                San Francisco, CA


I am having a good time!

And I am having a good time catering to my American audience!

And catering to my audience all over the world for that matter, because I get e-mails from every country out there!

In closing, I invite you, you Chinese-Americans, all people from all the different cultures around the world, and all Native American people and all you Homeopaths too; to abandon the dark force and move into the light, and embrace a system of healing and medicine that does not rely on the torture and killing of any animals, or bugs. It’s 2012 my friend, clean, healthy, potent VEGAN HERBAL MEDICINE is where its at!

Dr. Schulze

DISCLAIMER: This BLOG's purpose is to promote the sharing of information about healthy living and dietary supplements. The views and opinions of Dr. Schulze and those of his companies and BLOG administrators are offered for your information and are not intended to constitute medical advice. If you are sick, injured, or pregnant, consult a licensed medical professional.


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