Dear Lisa,

I can always use another miracle healing story, whether it be cats, dogs, horses, hamsters, kids, adults, seniors or any animal, or human animal.

First, I want to give you a big hug for being such a great Natural Healing Student, Nurse and Doctor. You are AWESOME! Now I would like to comment on a few points you brought up…

The Medical DEATH SENTENCE First, I have had vets tell my patients thousands of times that their pet would be dead by morning. This is the medical DEATH SENTENCE that I so often talk about with people and pets. HOW DARE any doctor play God and tell us when any animal or any person will die. Thank God your dog didn’t understand the vet’s words, and Thank You for NOT listening and furthermore PROVING your vet WRONG and best of all, KEEPING YOUR DOGGY ALIVE!

You were actually very LUCKY! Usually, vets suggest to KILL the animal when they are this far gone, or suggest the politically correct words, put them to sleep. I prefer kill! So at least your vet didn’t force you into that solution for your dog’s diseases.

The INCURABLES PROGRAM Look, more today than ten years ago, there are some great vets out there, even a few ones using Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine. But most doctors, whether vets, dentists or medical doctors—99% OF THEM—when the chips are down, and multiple diseases set in, they will almost ALL result to their training of drugs, surgery and medical intervention. So at least you got to bring your dog home and try a Natural Healing “Hail Mary Pass”. Your results were exactly what I saw all of my life, both personally, interning in my great teachers’ clinics, and at my clinic for decades. When you pull out all the stops, do the full-blown Incurables Program and turn the intensity ALL THE WAY UP… EXPECT MIRACLES!

By the way, GREAT job on the raw dog food, too.

STUDY and PRACTICE when you are HEALTHY! I LOVE that you had done the Incurables Program on yourself, just to do it, INCLUDING my Cold Sheet Treatment Routine.

This is what I am ALWAYS nudging people to do, READ EVERY BLOG, not just look for the answer to YOUR question, and NOT just the ones where people have similar diseases, but READ ALL OF THEM. Then work your way through my Natural Healing Programs and ALL of my Herbal Medicines. People write me EVERY day asking about what schools I suggest, on Natural Healing and/or Herbal Medicine. This BLOG IS MY SCHOOL, and the BEST SCHOOL! And IT’S FREE!

Most Naturopathic Schools have sucked up to the federal and state governments so badly, trying to get recognized, licensed or accredited, they look like junior medical schools to me, and not very natural anymore.

THIRD Degree Burn & Aloe QUALITY I thought you would like a few of my clinical experiences on using Aloe vera or Aloe for burns.

My clinical experience mirrored what you discovered. But it is not the size of the plant that matters, but the age of the plant.

As you can see by this picture of my own burnt hand, my burn was also very deep, pearl white, dry and painless.

This first photo was taken right after the burn, with some minimal cleaning on the burn, but the soot is still on my hand.

In this next picture you can see that I had my hand cleaned, and it is now really looking pearl white as you say.

In this picture, my skin is starting to come off, and the flesh below.

And in this final picture, well, this is about 30 or 40 days after the burn, with obviously no skin grafting, and the flesh is growing back naturally, all on its own. The body certainly knows how to heal itself, and IT WILL HEAL ITSELF.

You do NOT need skin grafts; you just need faith in God, Natural Healing, Herbal Medicine and your body’s ability to know what to do to heal you. OK, and a little Aloe helps!

By the way, I was told by a burn specialist that my burns were actually FOURTH degree, because many of my muscles, tendons and ligaments, and some of my finger bones were actually burnt below the burnt skin. I had no pain, because the nerves were burnt also.

The burn specialist told me that I would NEVER grow skin back on this hand. That I needed a SKIN GRAFT, and that I would most likely get a serious infection that could very possibly kill me—lots of positive medical affirmations.

Anyway, I refused to let Dr. Frankenstein cut the skin off of my beautiful ass (to graft onto my hand), and I did my own version of my Incurables Program, using lots of different things on my burn, including Aloe. In 30 to 40 days I had new skin covering my hand. I went back and showed the medical doctor and he said “I have never seen this before” and I told him, “You have never seen this before because you are too busy sewing peoples asses to their hands, but this is what the body can do, if it is given the opportunity to HEAL ITSELF!”

Any Aloe, and the Older the Better Many people get caught up in the plant having to be Aloe vera, that exact species. I never found that to be important. I have used many of the different species of Aloe that I have found growing all over the world, from America, to Mexico, to the Caribbean, to Spain, India and China. I used them in my students’ clinics all over the world for burns and MOST of them were NOT the official yellow flowered Aloe vera. Many that I have used clinically had orange or even red and purple flowers. Again, I did not find that the species was important.

What I DID find to be VERY IMPORTANT is the age of the plant, and what I found is simply that the older the plant, the more medicinally potent it was. In my clinic in Malibu, California, for years and years, I used the Aloe that was growing outside my clinic window, to heal my patients. I would say that the plant was at least 8-feet high, was not a single plant, but had maybe 60 or 70, two foot wide heads and the whole plant was spreading about 8 feet deep and maybe 25 feet wide. I find that mature Aloe plants become hedges that can get really big. In areas where this plant grows, it is not unusual to find spreads of it this size. I would guess that this Aloe plant that I used in my clinic was 25 to 40 years old. This is where the power comes from, AGE. Many people buy a small one-year-old Aloe plant at their local health food store or even grocery store. This is better than nothing, but has much lower healing power than the more mature plants, simply because its phytochemical or plant chemical concentration is a lot less. I have read supposed experts say that Aloe’s phytochemical concentration doesn’t peak until it is a 5-year-old plant, I don’t know if this is true, but I can tell you that the older the better. I can also tell you that 10-year-old plants are stronger than 5-year-old plants, again, the older the better.

Healing Appendicitis at Home GREAT WORK, again. I know, it is shockingly simple, and it works every time. (Check out Chapter 11, page 97 of my book DETOXIFICATION: VOLUME TWO—just click on the book cover on the right hand side of this BLOG!)

Finally Lisa, you said at the end of your letter that the Lord provided everything we need to be well. Great minds think alike as this is the theme of my introduction letter on the inside cover of my new 2013 Herbal Products Catalog. I hope you have your copy by now.

You are AWESOME. Please become an official Natural Doctor. I don’t mean getting any degree or anymore training, I mean just spreading the word and setting up a clinic. We NEED YOU. You are plenty qualified, probably over-qualified, and now all of your final training will come from your patients, whether human or canine.

— Dr. Schulze