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I have just been diagnosed w/ breast cancer. I just don't know how!!! I am 52 y/o. I am vegan, eat 75% raw, drink distilled water, never smoked. I use your products and have just finished a bowel cleanse last weekend. I am working on all the 20 lifestyle principles you suggest. I exercise, lost 50 lbs going from vegetarian to vegan in the last 3 years. (143 lbs, 5'8"). I have never taken meds. I have been healthy all my life. I did have my gall bladder removed. I have had counseling and got my head on straight. I have gotten rid of so much trash in my life (stuff and unhealthy people), my head and my bowels. I am a positive, happy person, help others and have a strong faith that I practice and not just talk about. I work in the medical field and have seen all the sickness you mention in your info. I have tried HARD to avoid being one of these patients. My family has thought I was nuts at times and I don't even have to tell you how my coworkers feel about my lifestyle choices. I have seen the breast surgeon, plastic surgeon, radiation oncologist and naturopath. My lymph nodes are clear and my options are 1) lumpectomy w/ radiation 2) mastectomy w/ reconstruction and to take Tamoxifen for 5 years!!!!! The naturopath even advised me to go through w/ option one. I have been encouraged to do something soon as to not have it spread to my lymph nodes and have a worse diagnosis. I don't know what to do. I did grow cancer even after all that I am doing! I'm afraid if I don't at least do the lumpectomy (the lump is quarter size) it will spread. I mean it is there after all SOME HOW! Do I need to check myself into some holistic center so I can get all these alternative therapies? All this stuff takes a lot of time as you know and I am willing to do it, but I only have 2 hands and 24 hours!!! I have drank so much juice, taken formula 1& 2 until my plumbing is on fire! I will keep doing it but I need some direction here. Even my holistic veggie, raw, organic, hippy chick friends can't believe this. I have gotten over the initial freaking out and crying and I need to get busy. I need more ammo, a plan. So please will you give me some specific guidance, heck why don't you come to Montana and help me!! You know, kick my cancer's butt! I watched your old video on the cold sheet treatment. Should I do that, how often? I don't care how you answer me, but will you just please answer me? Thank you sooooooooo much Dr Schulze. Sincerely,

- Rhonda, N, Kalispell, MT, United States,

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Dear Rhonda,

I will answer your questions in two parts—first, “Why You” and second, “What To Do”

Why You?

Your first question is how is this possible, that you developed breast cancer after living an extremely healthy lifestyle?

Well, you gave me a few possible clues in your letter. One was that you used to weigh about 200 pounds just a few years back. I must tell you that everyone from your average oncologist to the American Cancer Society agrees that there is a direct relationship between being obese and developing cancer, especially breast cancer. And if you were 5’8” and weighed about 200 pounds, (lost 50 pounds and are now 143 pounds) yikes, I wouldn’t have dated you, YOU WERE FAT OBESE, BABY! Granted you have changed, YES!!! So this may just be a case of too little too late. This cancer may have been sub-clinical and not detectable but still growing for years. Also, you mentioned that you had your gallbladder removed showing me a past history of liver and gallbladder congestion. When anyone has cancer, I know they had a sick liver and a depressed immune system long before they developed cancer.

But all of this ‘Why’ stuff is wasted energy and it isn’t going to help you dissolve your cancer and heal you. I just wanted to point out to you a few possible reasons, and to let you know that you are not perfect, only Dr. Schulze is perfect! Seriously, we are all just on the path of healthy living, and I need to nudge you onto an even healthier path.

I must tell you that you have done an amazing job at turning your life around, and getting really, really healthy. You might laugh and say, “But I have breast cancer and this is not healthy”. OK then, let’s say that 95% of you is really healthy and you just have a little congestion and sickness in one of your breasts, but let’s not blow this breast cancer thing way out of proportion here. You are not sick all over. In fact, the vast majority of you is healthy and working GREAT. I think all you need is to stimulate your immune system and to break up a little congestion in your breast. Let’s not panic and make this a bigger deal that it is, OK?

More Why You!

Genetics and Environment Your level of health, or disease, is a perfect reflection of your Genetics reacting to your Environment. In other words, what you get in life is the sum total of all of your inherited genetic coding and how this reacts with how you live every day, your lifestyle.

This is why you developed breast cancer, PERIOD!

Genetics, as I always say, is water under the bridge. It already happened, 53 years ago, when your mom and dad had sex and conceived you. There is nothing we can do about that. You inherited 50% of your genetic makeup from your mom and 50% from your dad. DONE! You inherited their strengths, and also their weaknesses.

This is the hand you were dealt, and it may have included a predisposition for cancer, whether they have had it or not, or even a predisposition for breast cancer, or not. We will never know.

You Are Unique

By the way, there is only one you. This is why looking at your healthy lifestyle, and your dis-ease, and then comparing yourself to any of your friends and co-workers is a BIG judgmental mistake. There is only one of you. You are unique; a snowflake, a fingerprint… there are no two people alike. So you cannot accurately compare yourself with anyone else.

The “What Ifs”

Maybe if it wasn’t for your healthy lifestyle you would have been dead by now? Maybe you would have developed breast and liver cancer, which would have metastasized and killed you 20 years ago, at 32, instead of just a little breast cancer at 52? No one will ever know. Even the conservative American Cancer Society says that almost everything you have done to be healthy—from your food choices to losing weight—REDUCES your risk of developing cancer, but somehow you still got it?

Don’t torture yourself comparing to relatives and friends. There is always that “George Burns” relative, friend or co-worker—the person who eats garbage, drinks plenty of alcohol and coffee, smokes stogies, never exercises and hates life—and lives to be 100. These are the human “exceptions to the rule”. Again, Genetics and Environment. Just imagine how old George Burns may have lived to if he lived your lifestyle… 150? So don’t frustrate yourself or make yourself sick looking at all the positive things that you have done in your life, and then comparing your health, or your dis-ease, to someone with totally different parents, different Genetics, and a totally different Lifestyle. This is BAD MATH and an improper, stupid equation and comparison.

People who live a very unhealthy lifestyle and brag about being disease-free, and even put down people who live a healthy lifestyle, well, they almost always live to eat their words. People like this are like the man who jumps off the Empire State Building and as he is flying past the second story above the ground, at terminal velocity, only a few feet from smashing into the sidewalk, he says, “I feel great!”

Regardless, don’t you really hate people who are really healthy and look great, at least on the outside, but live on doughnuts, candy bars, burgers and chocolate? OK, that was a test! You have to give this one up too. Hate doesn’t get anyone well. As John Lennon said, “LOVE is the answer”.

Look on the Positive Side Imagine in my clinic, how hard it was to get a 52-year-old person (who had never done anything healthy in their life) to follow the lifestyle program you are already on and already used to? It took months and a lot of brain washing and a lot of education and a lot of drama and trauma—and plenty of failure. BUT YOU ARE ALREADY THERE! So any changes that I will suggest later will be easy, and even FUN!


If I know anything at all, it is that “What Ifs”, judgment, and drawing any conclusions from it, is TOTAL BULLSHIT and will not get you well.

Nobody has any idea what God’s plan is for you, or what the universe’s plan or future is for you. Maybe this breast cancer is your greatest blessing. Maybe a higher power than us knows that you can handle this just fine, and you needed a small nudge to get you to your next higher level. Maybe all the work you have done so far earned you this gift of breast cancer. Maybe there is some divine plan that once you get through this, you will work with people who have cancer, and come up with a program yourself, maybe this cancer is just an added credential to your life. I don’t know, nobody knows, so NO JUDGING!

Just imagine where I would be and what I would be doing if my parents had not died when I was just a kid, and if I had not inherited heart disease and a deformed heart, and the medical doctors didn’t tell me that I would be dead by 20, and all the other gifts that I have received in my life, had not happened? Where would I be now? A drug addict? Dead? Maybe worse, a medical doctor?!! (OK, only joking… kind of.) Did you watch the old Jimmy Stewart movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” over the holidays? This is what I am talking about!

So for any one of a 1,000 reasons that you or anyone can come up with that you developing breast cancer is a bad thing, I can come up with A MILLION positive reasons that your breast cancer is an AWESOME thing, from a gift of an amazing learning experience, to a health nut ego removal equal to 40 years in a Zen Buddhist monastery, to finally getting your doctorate in Natural healing and Herbal Medicine. Nothing qualifies me as a great doctor better than creating a program that saved my life and survived my own medical death sentence, 40 years ago.

ALL of my patients that had life-threatening diseases, or were given death sentences, and then learned how to heal themselves—and DID HEAL THEMSELVES—all of them eventually saw their disease as a huge blessing… a gift from God. Their disease became a gift that nudged them onto a different path in life.

Look, I know this can be a bit scary, and can make you feel a bit insecure at times. I know what it feels like when a medical doctor tells you that you could die, and now you do too. Welcome to the club. Transform this fear energy into a powerful positive tool to motivate you into your next level of healing and living.


As you can see, I could go on for ten thousand pages on why your cancer is a gift, but I know that when one of my Guru’s in India told me to Celebrate Everything, he did not mean celebrate everything except heart disease, or in your case Celebrate Everything except breast cancer, he meant CELEBRATE EVERYTHING. Celebrate Breast Cancer!

Having said this, I know what you are feeling, and I know it may take a few days to digest this, and to shine a positive light on this, but I know you will.

STAY POSITIVE! OK, one final tidbit. I KNOW from my life and clinical experience, that NOTHING POSITIVE will ever come out of being negative, EVER. So there is NO UPSIDE to being negative, NONE! But, there are plenty of upsides to being positive, from just being happier, to your immune system working much better and being much stronger, so GET POSITIVE.

There will always be plenty of people out there who will want to back up their own bullshit and unhealthy lifestyle by looking at you and saying, see what happened to her. She wasted all this time and money on being so healthy and she still got cancer. The same way there are plenty of people out there who think that I am a total quack. Who cares? There are plenty of people out there who will be helped by your healing. They are the ones you will seek out—actually they will find you!

OK, What To Do Now?

Well, obviously you have been on a quest for years to create a healthy lifestyle. And as far as we know, all of these positive and healthy changes that you have already made are what has kept you cancer-free for all of these years. But, I do have a few suggestions…

#1: UPGRADE Since we now know that your lifestyle worked to keep you healthy for 52 years, we now have to upgrade it a bit to first, heal your cancer, and then keep you cancer-free and healthy for the next 52 years. You have done so much, and learned so much, I would just suggest a software upgrade.

What I mean is that it is time for you to look deeper at EVERY aspect of your life (like the 20 steps in my “20 Powerful Steps” book) and see how you can INCREASE your level of participation, involvement and intensity in each of these 20 steps. I know you have done a lot, but we can always eat better, eliminate better, move more, be more positive, learn more jokes, laugh more, love more, have more sex—get the idea? It is time to turn up the volume in EVERY aspect of your life.

#2: My Incurables Program It is time for you to do my Incurables Program. You can get the book, "There Are NO Incurable Diseases", FREE from my company by calling 1-800-HERBDOC (437-2362) or just read it online right her on my BLOG!

And remember a lot of Breast Stimulation. Years ago in my clinic, I had a woman who had developed breast cancer. It was more involved and much more aggressive than yours. Her name was Christine. All of the medical doctors and oncologists suggested a radical mastectomy plus radiation and lots of chemotherapy. Instead, she did not do any of these things and came to me. She was a great patient, and she did everything I asked, and more. Hot and cold showers on the breast and lymph nodes many times a day, skin brushing in the shower and also out of the shower, lymphatic massage, breast massage, herbal packs on the breast, lots of bouncing exercises, lots of inversions like yoga, plus all of the other programs from Juice Flushing to Bowel Cleansing to Attitude Cleansing. She was doing something every waking hour, it was a full-time healing job. In FIVE DAYS the tumor had decreased in size by 50%. After 10 DAYS it was not detectable by the medical doctors anymore. This just goes to show you what is possible.

#3: Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers I have suggested to many people over the years to get into a live-in situation, like the Hippocrates Health Institute, or the Max Gerson Clinic in Mexico, or the Optimum Health Institute in the San Diego area.

But personally, I do not think that you need to do this. I know that you have plenty of knowledge and brains to figure this out on your own. So I would only suggest this as further training, but not necessary at all to heal yourself of breast cancer. On the other hand, for people who do not have a clue what a healthy lifestyle is, I always suggest the extra support of getting into a live-in program such as these, at least to start.

#4: Detox Formula, Fresh Wheatgrass Juice & Garlic These are all part of my Incurables Program, but I wanted to give them special mention here.

Detox Formula. Just read what it says in my herbal products catalog. Since ALL of my great teachers went to prison at one time or another for their variations of this formula, I will not comment on it here. Again, read what it says in my catalog.

Wheatgrass Juice. I have seen more people heal their cancer with wheatgrass juice, than maybe any other food. It is a foundational part of the Hippocrates Program, and the Optimum Health Institute, and almost all natural cancer treatment programs worldwide. I have personally met hundreds of people, maybe thousands, besides my patients, that healed their cancer by drinking wheatgrass juice. So, just start growing it, cutting it, juicing it and then drinking it every day.

EVERY SINGLE DAY for lunch I have an ounce of fresh, organic Wheatgrass Juice in a little fresh carrot and beet juice, and my 17-year-old son, Arthur, has a shot of it every morning when his Mom makes it.

Garlic. It should be your friend. Garlic KILLS cancer cells, it is that simple. So start having raw garlic EVERY DAY—a minimum of 3 cloves! I had one patient who healed his supposedly terminal cancer by eating 50 cloves of raw garlic a day for three months, amongst other things. You will also need to use my Fresh Breath Plus and also my Daily Oral Therapy when you start using this much garlic, so you don’t lose your job and your friends.

#5: Toxins One thing we do know for sure is that cells mutate and turn cancerous, again, by Genetics reacting to Lifestyle. Even the prestigious medical oncologists from the huge cancer research center at the City of Hope say that first you have to have the genetic predisposition, and then these cells that are genetically predisposed to mutating and developing cancer have to run head-on into some irritant or catalyst, which stimulates these genetically predisposed cells to begin to mutate and then become cancer. The ONLY reason I mention this here is that it is important for you to look at any possible exposure to toxic chemicals.

Having said that, I almost laugh, because modern living in America, even in the middle of nowhere in Montana, is still a toxic nightmare. We are bombarded with poisons in our home, car, workplace… EVERYWHERE! Now I don’t want you to get paranoid here, or become obsessed with this or to make toxins become your focus in life. I simply want you to take a look at your level of exposure, and simply see if you can reduce it. There are many tips in my “20 Powerful Steps” book about this too, which you can read right on this BLOG! Just check the right-hand side of this page and click on the book cover.

#6: Medical Intervention Because you have such a vast experience in a healthy lifestyle, and my work, and also because your cancer is at such a beginning stage with no lymph node involvement, I have every reason to believe that you should be able to heal your cancer in three months or less, if not 30 days, if you start on an extremely aggressive natural treatment program, like my Incurables Program.

In my clinic, I would NOT have suggested that you undergo ANY medical treatment, neither surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

To be honest, I never suggested ANY medical intervention for anyone, no matter what their disease, no matter how far advanced it was, no matter how lethal their prognosis.

I’ll repeat my first paragraph…

Because you have such a vast experience in a healthy lifestyle, and my work, and also because your cancer is at such a beginning stage with no lymph node involvement, I have every reason to believe that you should be able to heal your cancer in three months or less, if not 30 days, if you start on an extremely aggressive natural treatment program, like my Incurables Program.

Rhonda, I have no doubt that you will heal yourself of this cancer and live a very healthy and very long life. Have fun with this new project.

Remember, “Focus on the GOOD to eliminate the BAD”. Your focus needs to be on the NEW Lifestyle that will Create Powerful Health, not the cancer.

— Dr. Schulze

DISCLAIMER: This BLOG's purpose is to promote the sharing of information about healthy living and dietary supplements. The views and opinions of Dr. Schulze and those of his companies and BLOG administrators are offered for your information and are not intended to constitute medical advice. If you are sick, injured, or pregnant, consult a licensed medical professional.


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