Dear M.,

If you know any of my history regarding legalities, I definitely cannot give you a personal consultation, nor read any reports, but here is what I can tell you.

Never read or listen to scary reports, or any doctor for that matter that says what you have is hard to, or virtually impossible to heal, or any doctor that says you need aggressive surgical or any type of dangerous therapy, as long as you are willing to do lots of work and Create Powerful Health.

I have had thousands of patients that were told lots of scary things by their medical doctors. REMEMBER, a medical doctor is just telling you what usually happens with your problem, to the average person. As long as you are not the average person, and also begin some aggressive Natural Therapy to replace the aggressive medical therapy suggested, you can and will heal yourself of anything, regardless if they say it is not possible. Trust me, I know, not only from my thousands of patients, but from my own health and disease history, and my own healing. If I had listened to medical doctors, I would have no skin on my hand, I wouldn’t be able to walk, and oh yeah, and I should have been dead about 40 years ago.

So drop the fear, tell me some specifics and Heal Yourself. YES, and THANKS for sharing about my products and me with friends.

– Dr. Schulze