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Can I Use Drugs?

Friends, the following is an answer to a question from a customer, but it is such an important issue—and a question that I get asked by many of you EVERY WEEK—that I took a little more time on it and turned it into a valuable lesson for all of you. I hope this helps many of you make this very important decision.

— Dr. Schulze


Dear Dr. Schulze,

I am a huge fan of yours and I now have my entire family on all of your products, and I am blessed to tell you that everyone in my family is healthy now. The many complaints that used to cause us to go to the doctor are now gone. No one in my family has been to the doctor in over three years. We haven’t even had any colds thanks to your Cold & Flu SHOT. It feels so great, and so empowering, to be both Mom and also my family’s doctor. The kids even say our new hospital emergency room is the house kitchen (thanks to your First Aid DVD). God Bless you.

I am writing you, as I know that you are totally against using any chemical and pharmaceutical drugs and medicines. My question is - is there ever an exception to this rule? I am asking this because my father has lived a healthy life (he is 84 years young) and recently his medical doctors say he needs some heart medicine to stay alive. They say it will give him more years and I just wanted to get your opinion on this, although I already think I know what you will say. But obviously I want to see my Dad live as long as possible.

So I am awaiting your response. Thanks again for your wonderful, herbal and NATURAL medicine.

— Patty E. in Hollywood, FL


Dear Patty,

FIRST, and VERY IMPORTANT All of my knowledge, all of my knowing, all of my understanding, comes from my clinical experience. It is important that you know this, and that the following is NOT just my opinion, or that I am trying to just prove some Natural Healing or herbal medicine point. Instead, this is my ACTUAL EXPERIENCE, time and time again, with tens of thousands of patients. Additionally, it is also the ACTUAL EXPERIENCE of my great teachers, from their clinics, with tens of thousands of their patients. The reason I emphasize this is very important. You are putting your trust and your LIFE in my hands, and I take this VERY SERIOUSLY.

So, I am not going to do any guessing here, or any preaching about Natural Healing and herbal medicine, or give you any of my opinions, theories and hypotheses, and I have many of these. I am simply going to tell you the absolute truth, what I witnessed firsthand in my clinic for decades using Natural Healing routines and my herbal medicine to treat disease, PERIOD!

My Clinical Observation and Experience Most people are lazy. Maybe this is human nature. Maybe this is why the biggest health epidemic in America today is obesity. But whatever the reason, most people I meet are lazy. I would safely say this is about 90% of the people I meet. They are lazy. This is a big reason why medical doctors, drugs and hospitals have become such big, profitable businesses in America today, because rarely are we asked to (or even want to) take any responsibility in our own healing.

A simple example of this is, how many times have we seen a man get a coronary bypass surgery, and have his clogged or blocked arteries replaced, only to be out eating cheeseburgers, French fries and milk shakes a week after his surgery at some fast food restaurant (if not right in the hospital) clogging up the new blood vessels?

NO Responsibility.

Modern medicine—almost all of it—is designed for lazy people who are too damn lazy to create a healthy lifestyle, too lazy to eat healthy, nutritious food, too lazy to do routine cleansing and detoxification, too lazy to move their ass every day and too damn lazy to be positive and loving to themselves and others.

From the drive-through at fast food garbage houses, to microwaving manufactured fast food at home, to the lazy boy chair, to the mind-rotting television, sitting down and taking as many breaks as possible, just to get back to the fast food and do it all over again.

Patty, getting well is pretty darn easy. For most of my patients, it was simply a matter of STOPPING what was making them sick.

But most people, instead of stopping eating food that they cannot digest, they would rather take a pill or drink some chalky drink to sooth their indigestion. Most people would rather be fat and buy bigger and bigger clothes—and even buy an electric cart to move their fat ass around in—because they are so fat now it hurts to walk, then to lose fat.

Consequently, most people would rather take more and more chemical drugs, have more surgeries, get dialysis, wear diapers and buy an electric scooter to ride in than to do a 5-Day KIDNEY Detox and get healthy.

Getting Off Of Drugs… In my clinic, I found that 100% of my patients—that’s right, 100% OF THEM—were all able to be healthy, stop taking ALL medication and STOP ALL DRUGS by making very easy and simple changes in their lifestyle. But, there is the dirty word—CHANGE—and back to the beginning, most people are lazy and do not want to change.

There is HOPE! Thankfully nowadays, more and more people are losing faith in modern medicine. Television is loaded with ads and between the ads for drugs are other ads from lawyers asking you if you want to sue your doctor or the drug company for giving you drugs that harmed you or killed your relatives. Almost every supposed wonder drug, in only a few short years, is discovered to have serious, harmful side effects and has maimed or killed people. Additionally, almost ALL medical treatments, especially for degenerative diseases, have been proven to NOT be effective. Worse, they have proven to be detrimental, even lethal. Today, many authorities say that you will live just as long—if not longer—if you do NOTHING AT ALL, instead of undergoing aggressive medical treatment.

FACT: In America, we spend more money per person on medical care than any other country in the world, but we don’t even make it into the top 15 countries when it comes to longevity.

So in this new millennium, modern medicine, doctors, drugs and hospitals are no longer looked at as they were in the 1950s. Trying to poison people into health just doesn’t work very well. They have grossly over-promised and under-delivered when it comes to healing disease and are now viewed with more skepticism than ever. Modern medicine has done a terrific job at shooting itself in the foot so I won’t say anymore.

The bottom line is that very few people today think doctors, drugs and hospitals are safe, and are looking for alternative ways to cure disease and regain their health.

But back to my main point… In my clinic, 100% of my patients were able to get off of ALL of their drugs, if they were willing to make the necessary positive changes in their lifestyle, and simply STOP making themselves sick.

What were these LIFESTYLE changes? I will break the changes down into a few simple categories that I made EVERY patient do, so they could successfully STOP taking ALL of their drugs…

INTAKE: Food & Liquid START consuming plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, and STOP eating ALL animal food and ALL junk food.

For exact details of this food program, see my book “Detoxification: Volume One”. You can read it right on my BLOG, just click on the book and go to “My Three Clinical Food Programs” on page 53, or call and ask for a FREE copy of this book by calling 1-800-HERB-DOC (437-2362).

And, to make sure you are flooding your blood, cells and body with nutrition, I had all my patients use my SuperFood Plus!

ELIMINATION: Routine Detoxification & Cleansing Immediately start on my 5-Day Detox Programs. You need to do to get ALL of your elimination organs clean, toned and functioning normally. Then, continue to do a 5-Day Detox every season for life. I have nine Bowel Digestive and Elimination Herbal Medicines, and three 5-Day Detox Programs. If you are serious about getting off of drugs, try them all.

MOVEMENT: Daily Exercise Begin a daily movement program for an hour EVERY day. Start out slow and increase the duration and intensity, as you get healthier and stronger.

EMOTIONAL: Positive, Healthy Living We have all been polluted, all of our lives, with health destroying, negative affirmations. We need to STOP them and replace them with positive healing and life and health-affirming, positive affirmations. At the top of this BLOG is a horizontal navigation bar, go to the right and put your cursor on “Quotes and Healing Affirmations”, click on “Healing Affirmations” for a great place to start.

REPLACEMENT MEDICINE: Herbal Medicine Use herbal medicine, which when assisted by you creating a healthy lifestyle can be just as effective at healing disease than any pharmaceutical drug. Better yet, herbal medicine acts more like food for the body, helping it to HEAL ITSELF, instead of forcing some metabolic action and does not have the negative side effects as drugs. So, I would get my patients to replace their chemical medicine with natural herbal medicine.

For information on all of these categories—AND MUCH MORE—see my book, “20 Powerful Steps To A Healthier Life”. Just go to the right side of this blog site, look for this book cover, click it and read it for FREE.

What if the DRUGS I am taking are keeping me ALIVE? Let’s not be stupid here and die to prove a point. If the drugs you are taking are literally keeping you alive, DO NOT STOP TAKING THEM.

BUT, having said that, 99% of my patients who thought that they would never be able to wean themselves off of their drugs, and whose medical doctors thought they would never be able to live without their drugs, were able to eventually stop taking them. They simply had to improve their lifestyle to be even healthier, and then they were able to wean off the drugs.

In most circumstances it is important to do this slowly. You will know when the time is right. For instance, if you are Diabetic, you will see when you start creating a healthy lifestyle, you will need less and less insulin. Depending on the severity of your Diabetes, and the length you have had this disease, this will also determine the intensity that you will need to do my programs, and also the time it may take to get off of all of your insulin. And, you must master a low glycemic food program, and really understand about eating whole, natural foods that are hard to digest, (which will naturally have a low GI). You’ll also need to learn to love exercise and get rid of any and ALL FAT. Get the point? When you do all of this and much much more, you will see your blood sugar drop. Then, you can reduce your insulin and eventually get off of it. For everyone the program will be different. The same is true for any and all drugs.

Sometimes, it is at this point that my patients who said that they were willing to do ANYTHING to be well, do ANYTHING to heal their disease and do ANYTHING to stop taking their drugs REALIZED THAT THEY WERE NOT WILLING TO DO ANYTHING after all!

There is nothing wrong with this. I always said, everyone thinks they would like to drive an expensive car, but when they see what the payments and cost will be, well, the rusty old junker isn’t so bad after all. I do not judge. I am simply here to tell you what is possible and offer you a new chance at life free of disease and free of drugs.

Almost ALL of my Patients… Most of my patients had some type of disease and also had high cholesterol, high blood sugar or high blood pressure, if not all three! They had a number of aches, pains and diseases. They had all of these issues simply because they…

- Ate a lot of crap, and drank crap! - Did not get enough nutrition! - Had poor digestion and elimination! - Had congested bowels, livers, gallbladders and kidneys! - Were overweight! - Didn’t move their ass enough! - Were negative!


Your medical doctor is ASSuming that you will not make these positive changes. In fact, they have NO EXPERIENCE in the curing power of these positive changes, and don’t even believe that they will work.

They DO and they WILL! The hospitals and pharmaceutical companies hope you don’t make these changes. Their income depends on you NOT making these changes. A patient cured, IS MONEY LOST! It is that simple.

Is there EVER a time to take drugs? ABSOLUTELY! Some of you may be shocked by this answer, the great Dr. Schulze saying to take chemical drugs, but please let me explain. I believe there are TWO times to take chemical drugs.

#1: TRAUMA In cases of extreme trauma, like bad car wrecks or any circumstance where your life is immediately threatened due to great bodily harm, injury or the rapid onset of a life-threatening disease, this is when modern medicine excels, often far beyond the scope of Natural Healing.

In situations such as this, I highly suggest using as much surgery and taking as many drugs as necessary to save your life and stabilize you. Then, once you are stable, as soon as possible, get the hell out of the hospital before they kill you because you can do the remainder of the healing naturally at home.

Don’t be stupid and don’t die trying to prove that Natural Healing and herbal medicine works. I already know it does, so save your ass first, we can always do a liver flush later.

#2: YOU ARE OLD We are ALL going to eventually die. No matter how clean you live, no matter how powerful of health that you create, no matter how perfect your lifestyle is and no matter how positive you are, eventually you will die.

Eventually your body will start to fail, your genetic weaknesses will surface and your body will start to breakdown, fall apart and become diseased. With most Americans this will be cardiovascular or heart disease, or cancer.

When this happens, modern medicine, hospitals and pharmaceutical drugs may be able to give you a few more years, and if this is what you want, WHY NOT!

What is IMPORTANT is to also maintain your quality of life while you are going for the most quantity and longevity. Most of my patients did not want to be lying almost paralyzed, in pain, vomiting, in a diaper, doped up on morphine, and paying $5,000 a day just to squeeze out a few more months of life. You get the picture. At this point, it is time to move on to the next adventure and celebrate a life well lived.

Don’t give away your family nest egg and throw away what little money you have saved after bills and taxes, and give it all to the hospitals just to have anyone lie in a hospital bed feeling like hell, living in hell, this is silly too. Use your common sense!

BUT, if a few drugs can keep you maintaining a great quality of life, and hold off disease and death a few more years, why the heck not? I have never seen anything wrong with this.

BUT, HERE IS THE BIG BUT… Just make sure THAT YOU HAVE DONE ALL OF MY PROGRAMS FIRST, done ALL of my Natural Healing programs, using ALL of your herbal medicine, and made ALL of my suggested lifestyle changes, done ALL of my 20 Steps, and have done 110% at creating the best, healthiest and most positive life possible. 99% of the time when my patients, or their relatives, thought that they had done this, I was able to see 100 more healthy changes that the person could make, and I had them do this for a few months, and their disease completely went away and their health came back, WITHOUT DRUGS. So it is important to stay off of any drugs as long as possible.

And, if you have done it ALL and you are still dying..., and you can get a few more years with drugs, bring on the drugs.


If your father is like most of my patients that were in their eighties, he has not done what I just stated above. So, if he wants to and he is willing to step-up his health programs, his herbal medicine and his healthy lifestyle a few notches, he will probably be able to stay off the drugs for a few more years. Who knows, maybe even for the next decade? Now you can reserve the use of drugs, if you need them at all, until you cannot keep him stable with lifestyle and herbal medicine alone.

Doctor Patty, you are a GREAT mom and a GREAT daughter. Just keep learning and growing and celebrate it ALL!

— Dr. Schulze

DISCLAIMER: This BLOG's purpose is to promote the sharing of information about healthy living and dietary supplements. The views and opinions of Dr. Schulze and those of his companies and BLOG administrators are offered for your information and are not intended to constitute medical advice. If you are sick, injured, or pregnant, consult a licensed medical professional.


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