Dear Leslie,

I will skip right to your bottom line here…

“They also told me that you can’t repair an already damaged kidney.”

Hmmmm. I have heard this before.

Speaking from Personal Experience:

I was told that the only way I would live past the age of 20 with my deformed heart was with surgery. I did NOT have surgery and I am now 59 years old. This means I was supposed to be dead 39 years ago, but I am very much alive!

I was also told by one of the top orthopedic surgeons in the world that I would never walk again without knee surgery, unless they sewed cadaver ligaments into my leg. Well, I NEVER had the surgery and I am walking just fine, and running, and dancing and have three Black Belts in the Martial Arts.

I was also told that I would never have skin on my hand after my fourth-degree burns without skin grafts, but you know what? I never had the grafts and my hand looks fine. It is covered with skin and works just fine.

Speaking from Professional Experience:

If I had a dollar for every time a medical doctor told one of my patients, “NEVER, IMPOSSIBLE, WON’T HAPPEN, CAN’T HAPPEN, DOES NOT HAPPEN, NEVER SEEN IT”, and then said, “OH MY GOD, IT’S A MIRACLE”, well, I would be a richer man than I already am.

The bottom line is that I am an expert in what your body CAN do and WILL do! If you love your body, support it and create a healthy lifestyle and environment, your body will Heal Itself of Anything, ANY Illness, ANY Disease and ANY Injury.

Medical doctors are experts in negative affirmations, no faith in your body’s ability to repair itself, surgery, chemotherapy and chemical drugs and organ transplants.

What the medical doctors are actually saying is that if you do NOTHING, and continue living, as you have been, that your outlook is bleak. Your kidney will eventually fail and you will eventually need a transplant. 

 Statistically, they are probably right!

I highly suggest that if you want to turn this prognosis around you get to work. It is now time for you to pull out all the stops and create your own personal healing miracle.

What to do?


Take a look at my Three Clinical Food Programs in Chapter 9 of my book “Detoxification: Volume One”, starting on page 53. (Just click on the book cover in the right column, and read it for FREE right here on my BLOG!) If you are more than 10 pounds overweight, and I am sure you are, then STOP EATING and go right onto my Juice Flushing Food Program for 30 days. Then look at the other two food programs.


This is what you will be eating for the rest of your life.


Move your body for at least an hour a day EVERY DAY. Sweat baby, SWEAT!


Create the new mindset to Create Powerful Health.

Get a copy of my “20 Steps” book and follow every step!

Get a copy of my “Incurables” Book, and follow every step!

You can make the medical doctors’ prognosis wrong. It is up to you.

Your body CAN and WILL heal itself of ANYTHING—ANY DISEASE!

All you have to do is STOP doing what is making you sick and then START doing what will Create Powerful Health.

Your healing lies somewhere in-between the four herbal formulae that you are taking now and doing everything that I have said to do in every book I have written, every video I have ever recorded, every newsletter I have written and on every page of this BLOG!

Save Your Kidney and Save Your Life.

So get to work and enjoy the healing adventure!

— Dr. Schulze