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Throat & Tonsil

  • LIVE, RAW & UNEDITED! Part Four

    Earlier this year Dr. Schulze was in Los Angeles speaking to a group of a few hundred customers, and as usual, after any presentation, we can never stop him from leaping into the crowd trying to answer everyone’s personal questions. These moments are always AWESOME, and this year we were prepared, and had two camera people leap off the stage with Dr. Schulze and capture rare footage of him “crowd surfing” and doing what he does best!

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  • The Truth About Your Tonsils!

    Thinking about getting your, or your children’s tonsils removed? STOP!!! Dr. Schulze explains in depth why your tonsils are the First Defense in fighting germs, colds, infections and viruses attacking your body. And, his words are backed up by the Medical community! Dr. Schulze answers your questions and tells the Truth about your Tonsils!

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