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  • Healing Heart Disease Naturally

    Dr. Schulze answers a question from a woman whose 88-year-old father recently had a heart attack, along with congestive heart failure, kidney failure, lung weakness and shortness of breath. She wants to avoid Heart Surgery, Dialysis, and the usual American Medical Nightmare for her father, and is now trying to heal him using a healthier food program. But… Dr. Schulze sets her straight and gives her the bottom line on how to really heal her Dad!

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  • The Healing Power of FOOD

    In this video, Dr. Schulze comments on a customer's questions. He starts his answer with some great, common sense Natural Healing, but halfway through it, you will be SHOCKED at the MIRACLE results this dying woman is having by just changing what she is eating! This video is all about the POWER of NATURAL HEALING and the MIRACLE HEALING POWER of a HEALTHY FOOD PROGRAM!

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  • Convince My Husband?

    This is a great video, with a Great Woman, Veronica, from Las Vegas. She is a Breast Cancer Survivor, and has created a healthy home, but is asking my advice about how to convince and change her husband, to get him more on her path, to get him more on a healthier path. She said she is tired of being the “Freak of the Family”. She says her husband will NEVER DO A DETOX either. I hope that some of the thoughts I share on this video will be of some help to you.

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  • 6 Minutes of Natural Healing EVANGELISM

    In a very powerful evangelistic moment, Dr. Schulze talks about "Jesus and the Doctors", "Health… or Health Care", "Medicine that has NO CURES" (but causes over 60% of all American bankruptcies with over 1 MILLION KILLED every year), "Disease Management" and much, much more. His motto: "Focus on the GOOD to Eliminate the BAD!" This is 6 minutes of SuperFood for your SOUL!

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  • Happy 4th of July! Forget Diabetes with my Ultimate Breakfast!

    I filmed this video in response to hundreds of questions on my BLOG asking me what I eat for breakfast. For those of you with Diabetes (Type I or Type II), this is the perfect morning drink. It’s not only high nutrition, low fat, low calorie (150 calories) and low sugar, but it also has a very low glycemic index so it won’t spike your blood sugar. This video is packed with healthy information and health gems, more than you could possibly retain by watching it just one time.

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  • Pancreatic Cancer, Chemo & Carrot Juice

    Dear Dr. Schulze, my husband was recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and it has also spread to his liver in the form of several smaller tumors. He had his first chemo treatment last week and is due for another in a few days. He is also beginning your Incurables Program today. I would rather he lay off of the chemo until he is finished with your detox program. He feels the chemo is giving him piece of mind along with your program and the other natural things he is doing in conjunction with his treatment, i.e., prayer, essential oils and Flor Essence tea. What is your opinion of whether or not he should stop the chemo for now while doing the Incurables Program? What kinds of experience have you had with this type of situation in the past?

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  • Cancer, Genetics & Lifestyle

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I have just been diagnosed w/ breast cancer. Do I need to check myself into some holistic center so I can get all these alternative therapies? I have gotten over the initial freaking out and crying and I need to get busy. I need more ammo, a plan. So please will you give me some specific guidance, heck why don't you come to Montana and help me!! You know, kick my cancer's butt! I watched your old video on the cold sheet treatment. Should I do that, how often?

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  • Detox Dilemma

    Dear Dr. Schulze, My husband and I have decided to start doing your 5-Day Detox Programs in January, for our New Years Resolution. We have 3 main questions: One, we want to do your 30-Day Detox, we want the whole makeover experience as you say, but we don’t think we can do it four weeks in a row, and we wondered if we could do it instead, four months in a row? Doing one of your 5-Day Detox Programs at the beginning of every month, for the first five days of January, February, March and April? Two, is the order important? Which Detox Program do we do first, and then second, and then third, and so on? Finally, how important, or I should say, how strict, do we have to be on your food program? Since neither of us has any major diseases, do we have to do raw foods and juices like you suggest for the entire five days?

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  • Two Readers Respond, One A Medical Doctor!

    I always get response letters to my BLOG postings. Most of them are “Thank You's”, a few are “Burn in Hell, Dr. Schulze”, and some are great “Healing Testimonials” of customers who were usually sicker and worse than the customer who wrote the letter, and then healed their diseases using my programs. As usual, I got a lot of responses to last week’s BLOG—my answer to Regina M. from Lakeside, CA—whose kidneys were failing, functioning at only 9%, and on 10 Pharmaceutical Drugs. Here are two AWESOME responses!

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  • Ten Drugs—No Herbs!

    Dear Dr. Schulze, my kidneys are working at 9% and I am scheduled for the shunt procedure IN 2 WEEKS. I have spent the last four days reading and taking notes on the information that you have wrote regarding this matter. I am on a lot of medicine and don’t know what will counteract each other. When asking my Doctors about natural healing methods, they had a fit and advised me to not take any herbal medicine as it might harm me. Should I keep taking the medicines and start the detox, or am I in danger of overdosing? Herbs are natural, but the doctors told me I would put myself in danger. I really just need some real guidance. Please help me as I am in my final kidney days and need some Godly advise.

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