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Herbal Tonics General

  • Female Week

    This week Dr. Schulze answers three questions from Menopause to Teenage Menstruation, but they are all about hormone balancing.

    Dr. Schulze explains the Female Formula, the Female Plus Formula and the Female “SHOT”, the difference between them, and when and how to use each of them, including DOSAGES.

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  • Eyewash Directions

    Dear Dr. Schulze, how exactly do you use your Eyebright Formula? One friend told me to drink it, while another told me to put it into my eyes. Please explain.

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  • Chinese Backlash

    Last week I wrote a commentary, to warn all of my BLOG readers, mainly that Chinese “Herbal” Medicine, as it is almost always called, often contains a lot more than just herbs! I want to thank all those that wrote me thanking me for my report. My sole purpose was not to condemn any traditional medicine, nor the Chinese, but to simply expose the ugly truth, so that you are all aware what is being sold as “herbs”. I only received one single negative hate/e-mail, only one, from a Chinese person. Normally I don’t bother to respond to one unique e-mail, I respond to questions that all of us can learn from, so that is really what I am doing here.

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  • The Truth About Chinese “Herbal” Medicine

    WARNING: I have been reporting on and disclosing the disgusting and toxic truth behind many of the dirty secrets of Chinese “Herbal” Medicine trade for over 40 years. Some of these truths are shocking, disgusting, and nauseating. This recent report is nothing short of HORRIFYING! Please do not read if you are weak of heart, or stomach.

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  • Gluten, SuperFood & Celiac Disease

    Dear Dr. Schulze, is the SuperFood Plus powder gluten free and if so, why is it not labeled as such? I have not seen you discuss autoimmune challenges much either. Is there a reason for this? What are your thoughts on reversing all these "autoimmune manifestations"? Have you done a leaky gut syndrome blog? What about healing the nervous system, neuropathies, dizziness, etc.? Maybe that takes longer? I have tried a ton of protocols/eating approaches and have always been very motivated to give my body what it needs. Thank you for answering my questions.

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  • The WINNER! FINALLY #1 Video Award

    OK, that’s right, you picked this as Number One. That just goes to show you that you are as weird as me, my friends. I thought there is no better place for me to talk about the American nightmare of constipation than right from the throne, so I asked my brother Larry to grab my hand-held video camera. I went off to my bathroom, and told him to come a knockin’, and he did. Seriously, this is a very amazing and very shocking quick video report about some shocking statistics about how bad constipation has become in America, and more important, how easy it is to do something about it, and that is when I take you right into my kitchen for the solution.

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  • Dr. Schulze's “People's Choice Video Award” Countdown

    It's summer, my friends, so let's have some FUN! Remember, FUN is FUNdamental in EVERYTHING that you do in life! An old cowboy friend of mine from Deadwood, South Dakota, Jerry Croft told me once, “Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life.” I think that's great advice. (Hollywood Note: Jerry made most of Tom Selleck's great looking leather gear for the award winning western, Quigley Down Under.) Anyway, I think you all know that I LOVE what I DO. I have dedicated my life to educating everyone on Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine and that is what this BLOG site is all about.

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  • ALL My Herbal “SHOTS”

    In this fast-paced, but very informative 5-minute video, Dr. Schulze explains WHAT his herbal “SHOTS” are, WHY he makes them, WHAT to use them for and HOW to use them.

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  • Dr. Schulze's Digestive "SHOT"!

    This video segment was taken from "Dr. Schulze's 8 Clinical Formulae for Digestion and Elimination, Part 2: The 8 Formulae" where Dr. Schulze discusses his NEW Digestive Formulae release, his NEW Digestive "SHOT" formula.

    Video Length: 4:17

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    This video is 40 minutes of pure Bowel Evangelism. In this video Dr. Schulze explains his famous Intestinal Formula #1, how and when to use it, what you should expect when using it and he also reads and answers numerous questions from customers about this formula and gives his recommended dosages.

    Video Length: 40:14

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