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  • Nutritional Survival Tactics

    Last year, I was on the road again and I remembered the many questions I get from people who travel to big cities in America, and around the world, and tell me they cannot find healthy or vegetarian food. HOGWASH!

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    So here's a Video "Blast from the Past" when I visited London in search of some Great Vegetarian Chow! I found it, along with a few surprises, and even some singing, dancing and partying at the end. I didn't survive, I THRIVED!

    — Dr. Schulze

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  • Dr. Schulze's Classic Videos: Creating My Own Healing Miracles

    OK, here is a blast from the past from about 15 years ago. This is the true story of the health challenges that I faced personally, from my personal “DEATH SENTENCE”, and how I refused medical treatment and put my own ass on the line in a life or death situation when I was only 16 years old (including some rare pictures of my injuries). This awesome video clip explains why I am not a “virgin sex counselor”. Most important, this is what I discovered to heal my diseases and injuries, and keep me off of the operating table on three different occasions.

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  • Take a ride on a ski lift with Dr. Schulze!

    Don’t let your guard down now, as cold and flu season isn’t over yet. In this video I tell you about my Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT”: How It Works, What It Does, What’s In It and How EASY It Is To Use It. So come take a ride with me on a ski chair!

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