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  • Happy 4th of July! Forget Diabetes with my Ultimate Breakfast!

    I filmed this video in response to hundreds of questions on my BLOG asking me what I eat for breakfast. For those of you with Diabetes (Type I or Type II), this is the perfect morning drink. It’s not only high nutrition, low fat, low calorie (150 calories) and low sugar, but it also has a very low glycemic index so it won’t spike your blood sugar. This video is packed with healthy information and health gems, more than you could possibly retain by watching it just one time.

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  • Healed My Cancer, Now What?

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I have prostate cancer, diagnosed almost 3 years ago now - contained within the prostate - and confirmed by a second biopsy at the Royal Marsden just recently. As soon as I was diagnosed, my wife in support, joined me in going vegan and we embarked on our journey, following your programmes, encouraged and supported by two friends who had followed your advice. We have both lost a great deal of weight (me around 60 pounds) and my cholesterol levels now normal. I have been on “Active Surveillance” and during this 3-year period my PSA levels have fallen. I do want to rid myself of the small amount of cancer I have, so I can spread the word as someone whose body has healed itself. The Hippocrates Institute seems to have a good record of achievement in healing all manner of diseases just as you do. Is it a matter of just deciding which camp to follow or am I missing something here?

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  • Sinusitis BLITZ plus NEW Herbal Formula

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I went through your 5-Day Bowel Detox and I must say I feel 10 years younger; I stopped smoking just 4 weeks prior to that too! What an achievement ;) I need your help on something though - I have Sinusitis and don't know how to resolve it. I tried your Cold and Flu SHOTS, Ech+ and SuperTonic, but just ain't getting anywhere! It's still there, still all blocked, the 5-Day Bowel Detox which I just completed has handled my Eczema, but not my Sinusitis unfortunately. I completely changed my diet to vegetarian too! Could you please tell me what I can do to resolve it?

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  • I Just Filmed This—My Summer Breakfast!

    Here’s a quick video I just filmed right now. I not only get tons of questions from all of you on what I eat for my summertime breakfast, but also lots of questions on my nutritional breakfast drink recipe that I put into the intro of my July and August newsletters. So in this video, I grabbed my handheld video camera and l show you EXACTLY how to make my NEW Breakfast Drink—right in my own kitchen. This summer, skip the heavy breakfast, drop the calories and sugar and pump up the nutrition and fiber. And, for those of you with either Type I or Type 2 Diabetes—WATCH THIS!

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  • The WINNER! FINALLY #1 Video Award

    OK, that’s right, you picked this as Number One. That just goes to show you that you are as weird as me, my friends. I thought there is no better place for me to talk about the American nightmare of constipation than right from the throne, so I asked my brother Larry to grab my hand-held video camera. I went off to my bathroom, and told him to come a knockin’, and he did. Seriously, this is a very amazing and very shocking quick video report about some shocking statistics about how bad constipation has become in America, and more important, how easy it is to do something about it, and that is when I take you right into my kitchen for the solution.

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  • Dr. Schulze's “People's Choice Video Award” Countdown

    It's summer, my friends, so let's have some FUN! Remember, FUN is FUNdamental in EVERYTHING that you do in life! An old cowboy friend of mine from Deadwood, South Dakota, Jerry Croft told me once, “Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life.” I think that's great advice. (Hollywood Note: Jerry made most of Tom Selleck's great looking leather gear for the award winning western, Quigley Down Under.) Anyway, I think you all know that I LOVE what I DO. I have dedicated my life to educating everyone on Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine and that is what this BLOG site is all about.

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  • Why This Liver Flush Is The Best!

    In this 5-minute video, I was asked about my Liver Flush Routine. So, I answer talking about my 5-Day Detoxes—why five days, Liver and Gallbladder Flushing, other Liver Flush drinks, why mine is different and more!

    For specific instructions on my Liver/Gallbladder Flush Drink or my 5-Day LIVER Detox program, see my answer "Say Goodbye to Gallstones!"

    Video Length: 5:34

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  • Say Goodbye To Gallstones!

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I have been diagnosed with gallstones for over a year. Two weeks ago I did the liver/gallbladder cleanse and went to the doctor for an annual ultrasound, which showed that I still had a gallbladder full of stones. I followed the cleanse exactly as written. What do you suggest I do now, because I really do not want my gallbladder removed?

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  • What Does Dr. Schulze Eat For Breakfast?

    In this very short video clip, I was asked about how I make my morning drink. So I talk briefly about juicers, blenders, seasonal raw fruits and vegetables and how I make my personal morning blender nutritional drinks.

    Video Length: 7:09

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  • Emergency Gallbladder Treatment

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I know someone who is having gallbladder attacks, what is the best product for cleaning out the gallbladder to keep from having to have it removed?

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