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Chinese Herbs

  • Chinese Backlash

    Last week I wrote a commentary, to warn all of my BLOG readers, mainly that Chinese “Herbal” Medicine, as it is almost always called, often contains a lot more than just herbs! I want to thank all those that wrote me thanking me for my report. My sole purpose was not to condemn any traditional medicine, nor the Chinese, but to simply expose the ugly truth, so that you are all aware what is being sold as “herbs”. I only received one single negative hate/e-mail, only one, from a Chinese person. Normally I don’t bother to respond to one unique e-mail, I respond to questions that all of us can learn from, so that is really what I am doing here.

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  • The Truth About Chinese “Herbal” Medicine

    WARNING: I have been reporting on and disclosing the disgusting and toxic truth behind many of the dirty secrets of Chinese “Herbal” Medicine trade for over 40 years. Some of these truths are shocking, disgusting, and nauseating. This recent report is nothing short of HORRIFYING! Please do not read if you are weak of heart, or stomach.

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