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Bullshit Herbs Again

Bullshit Herbs

Associated Press February 3, 2015

DNA Testing by the New York State Attorney Generals Office exposes that 100's of Bottles of Store-Brand Herbal Supplements, 4 out of 5, or 80%, CONTAINED NONE OF THE HERBS LISTED ON THE LABEL! NONE!!!!!

At Wal-Mart, only 4% of the herbal products tested showed any DNA of the plants listed on the label, that means 96% were bad. Their Echinacea, contained NO ECHINACEA AT ALL. Instead herbal products at all of these stores were filled with fillers such as Wheat (so much for the Gluten Free Diets), Rice, Beans and Houseplants. This link, will take you to an Herbal Horror story, that I have been trying to expose for decades.


For decades now I have been warning the public that most herbal products being sold in stores are worthless garbage. 40 Years Ago, when I started my first clinical botanical pharmacy, THERE WASN'T AN HERBAL SUPPLEMENT BUSINESS. You could only really buy herbal teas and maybe bulk herbs in health food stores, and only a few bottles of herbal formula actually existed. Today it is a multi BILLION dollar business, and unfortunately I am sorry to say that the VAST MAJORITY of what is being sold out there is pure bullshit, and the vast majority of the herbal product manufacturers are liars, cheats and total scum.

About 20 years ago I reported that over 90% of the Ginseng products I tested, had no Ginseng in them at all. Did the manufacturers of these products sue me, NO, because I was telling the truth. All the heat came at me from the newly formed Herbal Trade councils and groups, saying that I was insane, crazy and a crackpot. And you will see in this article that I have the link for above, first, that the Attorney General tests also concluded that there was no ginseng in the ginseng products, but second, the attacks back at the Attorney General were not from the stores selling the bullshit products, who are taking them off the shelves, but from the exact same botanical councils who attacked me 20 years ago.

But my friends, you need to use common sense. If you are buying commercial herbal products, NOT made by an herbalist, and especially bought at Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens or GNC, well what did you expect, to be getting high quality herbal medicine that was going to save your life, or even just get rid of a cold? Sorry, but this isn't going to happen!

So the next time you hear a person say that herbs don't work, or read an article that says that herbal medicine doesn't work, CONSIDER THE SOURCE. And not just the source of the article, which is usually written by a medical group or paid for by a pharmaceutical company, but also consider THE SOURCE of the herbal products. Because it is hard to stop a cold or flu, boost your immunity, balance your hormones, strengthen your heart or beat cancer, using rancid wheat, beans, sawdust and dried up houseplants.

As a doctor, the worst part is not the herbal scam, the lies, the rip off and literally screwing the public. As a doctor the worst thing is what I saw in my clinic. It was people, their families and their children, who had decided to take charge of their families health, and heal themselves of disease and illness using natural medicine, and I saw most all of these people get sicker, more diseased and even watched some of them die, because the herbal medicine they were buying didn't work.

This is the crime here my friends, it's not about the lies, its not even about the money and the rip off. It's about sick people who are hurting, and now getting worse, because unscrupulous manufacturers are kicking them, when they are already down. So please, I know if you are reading this that you know better, but please warn your loved ones and friends, to CHOOSE WISELY.

Yeah, I'm a bit pissed off this morning, so I'll take a break now.

Dr. Schulze

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