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Create Powerful Health: 5-Day KIDNEY Detox

Inside this book, you will discover how kidney and bladder disease—a growing epidemic in America—is so easy to prevent and so simple to heal, NATURALLY, with my powerfully effective programs. The very easy and simple programs in this book can change your life.

4 thoughts on “Create Powerful Health: 5-Day KIDNEY Detox”

  • Helga Schmettau
    Helga Schmettau May 28, 2016 at 9:11 am

    I family member has been diagnosed with Interstitial Systitis -- I can't find it in your blogs. Any suggestions? I am with your products for at least twelve years -- can't do without! With thanks and love -- Helga Schmettau

  • Lulu safra

    I have had 2incidents of Kidney Stones the second was alarming, firstly I noticed a very smelly urine and 2 weeks later I had pain, which was upsetting, my husband phoned the urologist who had done keyhole surgery on the first incident and he said for me to go to the out patient at the hospital which I did, they couldn't find anything wrong but did luckily give me an antibiotic intro venously , next day I saw the doctor and he sent me for an ultrasound, and the stone was as big as my fist so I was sent from there to surgery keyhole surgery and when they got to the kidney it was Septic and much pus came away during the operation. I subscribe to DrSchults and always have and so the doctor gave me antibiotic again and I responded very well to this, as he came to see me late at night after my operation and said that had I been poorly he would have taken me back into surgery and taken my kidney away!!!! I noticed after the surgery that the draining tube was full of what I describe as bread crumbs a mess! I recovered and just this past week 5 years later since the 2nd incident and surgery I have noticed That odour in my urine AGAIN! So I boiled up Dr Schultz Kidney detox and the smell went away for a week and is now back. What I need is a program from DrSchultz if I can get it I will make an appointment with Dr Bolt the Urologist to see what is going on I do not want to lose my Kidney.

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