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Ask Dr. Schulze

A yearly collection of Natural Healing Questions, Answers, Commentaries and Wisdom taken directly from Dr. Schulze’s Official BLOG Site.

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  • PATTI Leonard
    PATTI Leonard July 28, 2017 at 6:58 am

    I have been on dialysis Kidney for over 4 years. I do not want to do it anymore but I have been told by professionals that if I get off of it I will die in a w e ek or so. I do not believe this. I do not have diabetes, hypertention, fluid retention, however my creatine is 8.99 stage 5 - and they tell me I have 4% use of my kidneys. Please help me get off of this d readful treatment so I can be free and live at least the last 10 years of my life healthy and free - I am 69

  • Adrienne Lee Clement
    Adrienne Lee Clement August 3, 2017 at 10:01 am

    Hi, I am looking for a protocol to heal an incisional hernia. I think that is what this is. BG: I had emergency surgery for a burst left gastric artery. I had pneumonia and coughed so hard, it burst. Doc saved my life. At that time, he found an umbelical cord hernia. He repaired that also. After a year and a half of healing and moving and walking, I though all was healed. I helped to build a fence and lifted and pushed and it seems pushed out something on my right side along side the incision. There is a definite bulge, but retreats when lying down. I refuse to have another surgery and I'm seriously pissed this happened. (saw a doc yesterday. showed him the bulge, said def hernia, but not life threatening.It was not the surgeon and he did not say what kind. I'm guessing).
    What protocol should I use to let my own body heal it?
    I saw another healing of a fellows sprain and bone cracks .. the guy who jumped off the tractor. I'm thinking some of the same. I did do this about 4 weeks ago. So I'm thinking, deep healing oil, the hot and cold compress, juicing and fasting. Using your super food, which I do everyday anyway.
    What else or what if anything different would you recommend.
    I am a customer of yours for at least 15 -20 years.. love your products and believe in them and I believe I can heal this or rather my body can.
    Thanks for any info,
    Adrienne Lee

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