Dr. Schulze comes to you again this week from the Italian countryside. This week it’s a little bit warmer, but still very windy. That won't stop Dr. Schulze from getting outside and sharing his Natural Healing wisdom!

First, he shares about his German students and the healing power of beer. Next, with a beautiful fig tree behind him, he shares about his Intestinal Formula #3, which contains fig tree concentrate, an amazing fruit to keep your bowel working.

Lastly, Dr. Schulze shares about his Cold & Flu "SHOT”. As the seasons change, it's important to stimulate and boost your immune system. His “SHOT” contains both Echinacea and SuperTonic, and is what Dr. Schulze has been recommending to his customers for years. Drink the “SHOT” all at once, or sip it all day, whatever works for you, but get SUPERCHARGING now before cold and flu season hits its peak!

See you next week!