Since the month of April is all about LIVER DETOXING here at Dr. Schulze’s, we are reposting this video to show you the POWER of his 5-Day Liver Detox program!

Dr. Schulze filmed this video right in his office, answering a question from a customer who refused gallbladder surgery after not getting any relief from other treatments.

In this video, Dr. Schulze describes his natural treatments and herbal medicines for removing gallstones, and explains exactly how his 5-Day Liver Detox works to flush the stones out of the gallbladder. He also explains his “herbs before knives” statement. Finally, he tells about a hepatic surgeon that changed his mind about performing gallbladder surgeries and now follows Dr. Schulze’s programs.

Remember, in his clinic, detoxing was MANDATORY, not optional. Springtime is the BEST time to detoxify and cleanse, so don’t wait. Get started this April, and you’ll be amazed by how much more energy you'll have, and how great you’ll feel!

Stay healthy, friends! See you next week...