It’s summer my friends, so get outside and have some FUN! Even if you’re extremely ill, and the medical doctors say you’re dying, GET OUTSIDE and HAVE FUN!

Look, I know what it's like to be told you are dying, which is why it is even more important every day to LAUGH, make the little things FUN, enjoy family, MOVE what you can, EAT only RAW and VEGAN, and get some good rest. So let's lighten it up this week, as I am in the Bahamas, with my son, Arthur.

We do a lot of adventures here, exploring caves, snorkeling and diving. We go to very remote islands, most of them uninhabited, so there are no lunch cafes in sight. Therefore, we always pack plenty of SuperFood Bars with us, actually for us, they are really “Survival Bars”!

This year, we have been feeding a lot of the bars to any hungry animals we run into, and surprisingly, no animal, human or otherwise, has turned them down. Later this year you will see a whole video of my son feeding wild raccoons, lemurs, etc.

In this UNDERWATER VIDEO, you will see me open up a SuperFood Bar, and try feeding it to the fish. I figured a few fish might be interested, but I didn’t figure that I would literally be attacked by a hungry Angelfish, or at the end, a whole school of assorted other fish. It just goes to show you, SuperFood is perfect Human Food, Dog and Cat Food, Horse Food and now, Fish Food!