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Holiday Hangovers


Dear Dr. Schulze,

I am not a big drinker of alcohol, actually I rarely drink at all and maybe this is why when I do, I feel terrible the following morning. I have a splitting headache, I feel very sick to my stomach and just generally horrible. As I said, I rarely drink alcohol, but occasionally this time of the year I have a few glasses of champagne or some red wine. Can you offer me any relief?

— Judith C. in Las Vegas, Nevada


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Dear Judith,

Relief is here!

What you are describing is a classic hangover, which is the after-effects of drinking alcohol, and I do have a natural solution and hangover remedy.

First, I must tell you that your painful response to drinking is perfectly natural. I must also tell you that consuming any alcohol until you are feeling the effects of it (or drunk), simply means that you have consumed a TOXIC amount, it is that simple. You have poisoned your liver, brain, heart and every cell in your body, period.

But you are human, and in our society social drinking is done by just about everybody, so let me give you a few wonderful tips that will make your holiday drinking experiences much more enjoyable and minimize your chances of getting a hangover, if not make you feel wonderful the next day.

First, if you know you will be drinking alcohol in advance, have your SuperFood Plus drink in the morning, before you drink. This will flood every cell in your body with nutrition and especially B-Vitamins, which protects you from the toxic effects of alcohol and will minimize any hangover. If you are possibly going to be drinking a lot of alcohol, have two SuperFood Plus Morning Drinks.

Next, take 2 droppersful of my L-GB Formula four times throughout the day, or 4 capsules of my new PROTECT Formula, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. The reason for this is simple. Alcohol is absorbed into your body and bloodstream and it is your liver's job to immediately try to neutralize and remove the alcohol and get rid of it. If you consume alcohol faster than your liver can do this, your blood-alcohol level will rise too high and you will get drunk.

As you slow down or stop drinking, your liver neutralizes the alcohol and you get sober. If it weren't for your liver doing this job, you would never get sober.

Anyway, this process causes hepato-cellular-necrosis or in layman's terms, liver cell death. Getting drunk simply kills liver cells. This is why alcoholics eventually destroy their livers. Anyway, the greatest PROTECTOR of the liver cells is an herb called Milk Thistle, which is found in both my L-GB Formula and my Protect Formula. The natural phytochemicals in Milk Thistle bind to, coat and protect the liver cells from any damage done by alcohol consumption. So if you know you are going to drink, PROTECT your liver FIRST. (Milk Thistle is such a powerful liver protector it is stored in many Poison Control Centers.)

Also, after consuming alcohol, late that same night is best, but if not that night, IMMEDIATELY the next morning, consume 10 capsules of my Intestinal Formula #2. I say capsules simply because if you are nauseous the next morning, an Intestinal Formula #2 powder drink may not be the most pleasant. Most people find the capsules to be much easier to consume the morning after. And an hour later take 10 more capsules. And keep taking 10 more capsules until you feel better.

This formula simply and very effectively ABSORBS any alcohol left in your body, and NEUTRALIZES any poisons from the sugar and chemicals in all the alcohol you consumed, and also any weird food you ate with your alcohol. Just remember to drink as much water as you can with each 10 capsules. Remember, water is a great dissolver and cleanser on its own, and, alcohol consumption dehydrates you, so the more water you consume, the faster you will feel better.

Finally, as soon as you are up to it the next morning, have another SuperFood Plus drink. If you are nauseous, and can't stomach the thought of a smoothie this morning, this is where the SuperFood Plus Tablets come in real handy. Just get 15 tablets down as soon as you can, and you will start feeling much, much better very quickly. Also if you are nauseous, the Digestive Tonic can be a godsend.

So let me review:

The Morning BEFORE

   • SuperFood Plus
      PROTECTS your body by flooding every cell with nutrition
      Consume a SuperFood Plus morning drink
   • L-GB Formula or PROTECT Formula
      PROTECTS your liver and liver cells from damage
     Consume 2 droppersful of my L-GB Formula four times during the day or 4 capsules of my PROTECT Formula, two in the morning and two in the afternoon.

The Morning AFTER

   • Intestinal Formula #2
      To absorb and neutralize alcohol and poisons
     Consume 10 capsules of Intestinal Formula #2, repeat as necessary two or three more times.
   • Drink PLENTY of pure water
   • Digestive Tonic
     As needed for nausea
   • SuperFood Plus
        Floods your body with nutrition and gives you energy
    Consume 15 to 30 tablets of my SuperFood Plus as soon as you are feeling able to do so.
   • L-GB Formula or PROTECT Formula
      Keeps your Liver PROTECTED from any further damage
    Consume one of these formulas for the next few days to help your liver recover.

Herbal Products Needed

   • SuperFood Plus, powder or tablets (tablets better for day after)
   • L-GB Formula OR PROTECT Formula
   • Intestinal Formula #2 CAPSULES
   • Digestive Tonic

Please enjoy the holidays, have lots of joy, laughter, fun, passion, love and bliss, and if you consume any alcohol, take a little herbal care and you will minimize any hangovers and any negative health effects.

– Dr. Schulze

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