Dear Cheryl,

YES, YES and YES. The Deep Tissue Oil and Ointment would loosen things up, speed-up the healing process and I do have more suggestions.

First, whenever you have fractured or broken bones, and any bruising, sprains, strains or even tearing of any muscle, tendon, ligament or any connective tissue injury, you want to use my Deep Tissue formula. This is why I hate casts, because you can't work on yourself when the cast is on.

Anyway, start rubbing on the Deep Tissue Oil or Ointment, whichever you prefer, and really put a lot on and really rub it in well, numerous times a day. This will increase your circulation, which brings healing nutrition to the area that needs repairing and removes metabolic waste products. It will also reduce any inflammation (this makes it easier for your body to heal itself), and dramatically speed-up the healing process. It will also relieve any pain you have and really loosen up the area, relieving all stiffness. I would also suggest getting some body work from someone who is not just an “oil smearer”, but someone who knows how to help your body get back to normal, and who will help you stretch and get your muscular and joint range of motion back, and maybe even suggest some exercises that will help strengthen the associated muscles back, that have undoubtedly atrophied while you were in a brace.

Also do your Hydrotherapy. I like to take a shower and alternate hot and cold water. So after your shower, turn off the hot water and just let the pure cold water blast all over your arm. Then slowly turn up the hot water until it is as hot as you can stand it for about a minute, then turn off the hot water again and use the cold only for another minute. Repeat the hot and cold seven times each, that's 7 hot and 7 cold. This will take about 15 minutes.

If you do this at least once, if not twice a day, the speed your injury will heal will be doubled. Nothing heals injuries faster than hot and cold hydrotherapy, which is the absolute most powerful way to increase healing circulation in your body.

Another suggestion: I would get your juicer going and start a high-calcium juice combo to drink everyday with your SuperFood Plus. My favorite is always just plain carrot juice. While you are at it, I would also do my 5-Day BOWEL Detox, because I have always found that with injuries such as this, we all get a little constipated.

Also, remember to get your whole body moving again. You may have just broken your arm, but I can guarantee you that your ENTIRE body has been negatively impacted, so get walking, running, dancing, stretching and MOVING your whole body, and get your whole body back into alignment and health.

If you do all of these things and more, you will make this a Fun and Healthy recovery and your arm, AND YOUR ENTIRE BODY.

– Dr. Schulze