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Dr. Richard Schulze: The Original Natural Health Revolutionary

Wisdom from one of the early pioneers of modern Natural Healing.

Marriage Problems


Dear Dr. Schulze,

I am your biggest fan. I have healed all of my lifelong diseases and illnesses over the past decade using your herbal formulas. YOU ARE THE MAN! I have also helped most of my relatives and friends recover from their chronic problems so thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have one problem left, and it is not a disease, but it is my husband. No matter what, we cannot get along. He is not healthy at all, and not interested in health as I am. He ridicules me all of the time about the way I eat and my healthy lifestyle and SuperFood drinks. He has many physical problems, and even though he has gotten a lot worse over the past decade, while I have got better, he still thinks that I am the crazy one. And he loves his doctor even though he is getting sicker and sicker. I could live with that, but he is constantly making fun of my health program and he hates anything healthy, food, exercise whatever, he hates my juicer and I think he now hates me.

I have taken the vows of marriage, for better or for worse, so do you have any suggestions to help me heal the last problem I have? I also believe in unconditional love, so I feel that my marriage is a failure.

What herbal formulas would you suggest and I will sneak them in his food. I am very desperate as I feel that his negativity might eventually make me sick again.

- Carrie,X, Richmond, VA,

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Dear Carrie,

I Live An Alternative LIFE!


I am a Doctor of an Alternative Method of Healing and Health. This incorporates Alternative Medicine, which includes my clinical Natural Healing Programs and my Herbal Formulas. But Alternative Healing and Health isn’t limited to Exercise and Bowel Detoxification.

My system of Alternative Health and Healing incorporates EVERYTHING in life, from Alternative ways of running my business, to alternative ways of creating relationships, schooling my child and also alternative ways of doing everything.

When I started my healing process at the age of 16 (forty years ago) I was faced with death. I have said many times that I needed to change EVERYTHING in my life that wasn’t healthy, in order for me to not be dead by age twenty, as the medical doctors had predicted. As I said, my healing did not happen by taking a few herbs and doing a little exercise. On the contrary, I CHANGED EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE. EVERYTHING. Everything I eat, drink AND THINK. Everything I do.

“I don’t do anything the way most people do, I am extremely far from regular in every sense of the word. I DO NOT follow the crowd. I QUESTION EVERYTHING, especially the way that people do EVERYTHING, and I am constantly and continually looking for HEALTHIER WAYS to eat, drink, think and live. I am constantly pioneering, discovering and examining new ways to live my life to get the maximum fun, health, laughter, bliss, love, passion and gusto out of it.”

For forty years now, I have been creating an alternative Lifestyle, an alternative way of Living, an alternative Life!

The reason I am stating this is because I am about to give you some of my observations about marriage and relationships, and my observations are to the point, and not necessarily socially acceptable, not necessarily religiously acceptable, may not be legal nor popular and may make you uncomfortable during your healing process, and I don’t give a damn.

Every single suggestion I gave my patients, and now give my customers, is designed to help people Create Powerful Health, physically, emotionally and spiritually, that is my one focus.

I have never strived to win any popularity contests. I just strive to help people to heal themselves naturally, by any healthy means possible. And sometimes this goes against tradition. A wise person once said that true health is living in the moment and doing what you want to do, without being clouded by social, religious or family dogma or memories of moments past. This is easier said than done.

I Had Many Patients Like You

In my many years of clinical practice, I had many patients that had stopped eating all junk foods and started eating a very healthy food program, and also stopped tobacco, alcohol, coffee and sugar. They did all of my herbal detoxification programs numerous times and had very clean bowels, livers and kidneys. They were also moving and stretching their body daily and had gotten into great physical shape and gotten rid of their fat. They had healed their diseases by creating a very healthy lifestyle.

But for some of them, their disease was still lingering around, or coming back after a period of remission. For others their disease was in remission or even gone, but they had not Created Powerful Health and they still felt horrible even though their disease was clinically gone. This is simply because food, elimination, movement, weight loss and detox programs are just part of my Creating Powerful Health Program.

My Clinical Observations on Marriage and Relationships and how they relate to Health and Disease

Love is a Powerful Healer LOVE is as big of a part of my Creating Powerful Health Program as any juice, herbal formula, exercise or detox routine. In order to be truly healthy, you must be able to LOVE yourself first, and then LOVE your partner, LOVE your children, LOVE your job or profession and LOVE YOUR LIFE.

You simply cannot expect to heal disease, Create POWERFUL Health or Feel Great while you ingest toxic food, or while you live in a toxic relationship or have a toxic job.

Toxic Emotional Environments Cause Disease In my clinic, I had many patients who, in order to heal their disease, they had to quit working in a toxic environment or stop living in a toxic relationship.

A toxic job can be working in a chemical plant, or any job where you are constantly exposed to toxic chemicals or toxic fumes. It can also be a job where you are constantly exposed to toxic people and their toxic emotions like anger, hate, jealousy, stress, intense pressure and ridicule.

In the same way, a marriage, which is supposed to be a celebration of love, can end up being a constant exposure to toxic emotions from your spouse. A marriage filled with stress, hate, anger, jealousy, possessiveness, dishonesty, insecurity, rage, yelling, screaming, fighting, ridicule and torture, well, you can eat the healthiest foods you want, and still not be healthy. In fact, after what I have witnessed in my decades of clinical practice, a toxic emotional environment can cause much more serious disease than eating any junk food.

With some of my patients in a bad marriage, I suggested counseling, especially if they had children, or if I thought their partner was emotionally stable and open enough to change and grow. Unfortunately, I discovered most often in marriages, one partner does not evolve and is not willing to change or grow. In fact, often people grow apart and head off into life in very separate ways, and this is great, unless it gets nasty. So, for many others, who were in horrible relationships filled with hate, rage and anger, I suggested survival via separation and divorce. For others, I suggested to get out IMMEDIATELY! Save yourself and get out of the house!

About Marriage, My Clinical Observation As best as I can deduce, marriage in modern society has become a Legal, Financial, Emotional, Spiritual or Religious binding contract, usually all of these. What I witnessed in my clinic, with the vast majority of my patients, is that after a few years of marriage, one of the partners would continue to learn, grow and mature, while the other would lag behind, or even regress. This almost natural occurrence would widen the gap over the years and the once loving partners would grow further and further apart.

This can be fun and I enjoy the differences with the people I love. But for many people, they find this irritating and one spouse often becomes very unloving. Now, many people stay together being miserably content, but that is not love and it is not healthy.

Often the partner that was my patient, would cure their diseases, get really healthy and fit, while the other partner would get more involved with drinking alcohol, smoking, eating meat or junk food, becoming sexually uninterested or dysfunctional, and eventually getting diseased and undergo medical treatment and surgery. Like you have described what has happened with you and your husband. I saw this a lot with my patients.

I would often remind my patients that they did not marry their spouse because of what they did or did not eat, but because they loved them. So I cautioned them to be kind and “leave others to their otherness”. But sometimes when one partner is changing and growing rapidly, and the other is not, well, simply what they had in common, is gone.

This doesn’t mean you have to break up or divorce, it just means you have to adjust and remind yourselves more often what you have in common, and what you like to do together.

For many couples, after a few years of marriage, for one reason or another, one spouse just becomes unconscious and lets themselves go, overeats, doesn’t exercise and gets fat, doesn’t act loving and respectful anymore, gets sloppy emotionally and becomes argumentative, bitchy and even downright nasty. It is easy to spot these couples walking down the street. This type of unconscious, unloving and rude behavior is all-too-common after a few years of marriage, and after a decade of it, most people become so numb and sick they seem to be more willing to suffer, than to wake their spouse up and tell them what they need and set some positive behavior standards.

Sure, we all mature, so I am not saying to dump your spouse because they are older and have a few more wrinkles, but many people don’t age gracefully, they rot. What I am talking about is when the person you fell in love with doesn’t exist anymore, they have physically, emotionally and spiritually degenerated, and that slim, fit, sexy, sweet and loving man or woman you fell in love with, is now fat and bitching at you, well, it may be time for a change.

Worse, many partners who degenerate feel protected because of law and the marriage “contract”. And if their partner cannot take it anymore and tries to escape this contract, they will threaten legally and try to enforce it. The threat of divorce and financial ruin has prompted many country and western songs from Tammy Wynette’s “D.I.V.O.R.C.E.” to Jerry Reed’s “She got the Gold Mine, and I got the Shaft”. Some are funny; many are not. But, after all, the marriage oath states clearly, “For better or for worse” and I don’t ever do “for worse”. Worse is not healthy. Now this doesn’t mean that you should leave your spouse when they get a cold or flu, but after years of unconscious living and behavior, they may need a serious wake-up call.

Creating a Healthy Relationship To Create Powerful Health, I always promoted that my patients have complete honesty with themselves and others, and to live with maximum awareness and consciousness, and for this reason I have never suggested that any of my patients ever get married. This is simply because marriage for most people doesn’t seem to promote honesty nor consciousness. I say this because in ALL of my patients’ marriages, one of the partners was lying, often sexually, usually to avoid a confrontation or getting sued for divorce. And, since I know that lying and dishonesty rots our soul, destroys our self-esteem, and does not promote health, how could I possibly promote marriage?

Marriage also doesn’t seem like a very successful program to me, mainly because I see so many divorces, and so many married people, that are miserable and causing so much suffering with each other. And the few marriages I see where the people are reasonably happy, well, I know at least one of the partners is lying to the other, and I WON’T lie, simply because lying makes me sick.

I also do not believe in “For better or for worse”. I only do better!

I also do not believe in “unconditional love”. Love is very conditional. In fact, EVERYTHING in life is conditional.

When any program, whether it is a health program, a detox program or a relationship program, doesn’t promote love, fun, laughter, bliss, passion and HEALTH, NO MATTER HOW POPULAR IT IS, OR HOW SOCIALLY OR POLITICALLY CORRECT IT IS, if it doesn’t work well, I don’t suggest it.

My Love Life Many of you have asked if I am married, and about my personal relationship. I have been with the same woman now for almost twenty years. We love each other very much and we are raising our son together, and we are an extremely loving and blissed-out family. In fact, I don’t see any other family that I know of, that is more loving and blissed-out than us. We don’t fight, scream or yell at each other, nor are we rude or disrespectful to each other. We don’t lie. We are honest, and most importantly, we take care of ourselves, which is primary to any relationship. After all, who would want to love anyone who doesn’t love themselves? So we really love each other and ourselves. We are not married, we have many separate interests and we don’t always even vacation together. We both do a lot of different things and often are not even in the same part of the world as each other and sometimes don’t even live together.

Even when we are apart, we are still totally committed to each other and our family unit, meaning that we are committed to being loving to each other. We are still together now after two decades simply because we want to be, not because we are forced to be by some contract with a priest, a rabbi, or a lawyer or a government.

Every day when I wake up I want to be with this woman because I choose to do so. And, if she or I are out of line, or not right, my commitment to myself and to her, is to get right, and if we can’t, we take some time off, or time out as people call it with their kids, because I love myself way too much to torture myself or do any suffering, and I love her too much to torture her or want her to suffer.

My point is that by NOT being married, we CANNOT put our minds on autopilot and go unconscious, get fat and get ugly, physically, emotionally or spiritually and still think that we are protected because of the law, our lawyers, God or some marriage vows, that will force our partner to continue to have to live with us.

Marriage is supposed protection, sometimes more like a threat, so the other partner can’t just walk away. On the other hand, in my relationship we know that the other person CAN WALK OUT at any minute. This forces us to be responsible, not having the threat of divorce, financial ruin or the law of government or God to be the force that keeps us together. LOVE is what keeps us together, and it is NOT unconditional love but very conditional love. We must remain loving to ourselves, to each other and to our son. That is what makes me love her even more after all of these years. Again, our LOVE is what keeps us together.

This kind of love and commitment does not make us insecure, but it certainly does make us stay awake, conscious, alive and responsible. I LOVE CONSCIOUS AND RESPONSIBLE. THAT IS HEALTH!

Anyway, I know most of you reading this are married, and I realize that 99.9% of people do not live like me. But, it is my job as a doctor, to always suggest any healthier ways to live, physically, AND emotionally and spiritually.

Your Specific Answer

Carrie, I hope that by giving you my clinical observations about marriage and relationships and how they relate to health and disease is helpful to you. To give you specific answers to your questions, FIRST AND FOREMOST, have no doubt about it, living with this constant negativity WILL eventually make you sick and diseased.

So my suggestion: Tell him to get right, or get out.

Give him all the space he needs to be sickly, get fat, eat bad and suffer more with his medical doctor and respect that. Whether you want to hang with him while he slowly degenerates and kills himself, well, I wouldn’t, but that is his right. He has the right to do so.

In the same way you also have the right to create a wonderfully healthy lifestyle and to eat great organic food, to drink all of the SuperFood drinks you want to have and to heal your diseases and Create Powerful Health NATURALLY. And, if he doesn’t stop with the bitching, bullshit, rude and unloving behavior and being mean, tell him he is out and throw his ass out of the house, or walk out yourself.

Your marriage is not a failure, but I think your husband is a failure at being a human being.

Healing Diseases and Creating Powerful Health is not just about food, juice, herbs and exercise. It is also about creating the best loving relationship and blissed-out lifestyle, and life, for you. So get to it.

And tell him for me, if he ridicules your SuperFood Plus Drink one more time, I will personally come over to your house and kick his fat, degenerating, diseased ass. Only kidding… or am I?

Good Luck!

– Dr. Schulze

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