Dear A.Z.R.,

My first suggestion is my Nerve Tonic. Simply put, this is a very powerful sedative and antispasmodic that works great for insomnia. I suggest taking a hot bath or shower before bed, and then taking 4 to 12 droppersful of the Nerve Tonic in a little juice. This is a strong tasting formula, so a little strong juice like grape or apple will make it nicely palatable. Then get into bed and do a little relaxation or meditation and deep breathing, and you should be off to dreamland.

Also, the old-time natural healers knew the power of the sun, air and earth to help insomnia. I had the benefit of having my Malibu clinic at the beach. So I would take my patients with insomnia down to the beach, throw them in the water, roll them in the sand, make then shuffle their bare feet on the sand and earth and do some deep breathing. After an hour, they would almost fall asleep driving themselves home. No insomniac can survive a day out at the beach. This is simply because exposing yourself to all the elements, the sun, the air, the earth, is so grounding, it helps you to release built-up stress, tension, and even built-up electricity.

Many people think releasing your body’s built-up electricity is some new age hocus-pocus but let me explain.

When a medical doctor takes an EEG of your brain, or an EKG or your heart, they are measuring your body’s natural electrical energy and impulses. That’s right, your body is like a big battery creating sparks and jolts of electricity with every heartbeat and every thought you have, all of the time. And since we live in shoes, and rarely touch our bare feet to the earth, we never get grounded or dispel this excess electricity.

If you talk to an electrician, they will tell you that if you put your finger in a light socket, you will get a shock, but if you do it with bare feet, standing in a puddle of water, you will get welded and die. This is because, with bare feet, the electricity will pass through your body and out your feet to the ground. You are grounded.

So getting outside, deep breathing, barefooted, on the earth or in the water, naturally GROUNDS you and lets all of the built-up electricity pass through your feet and out of your body. Otherwise, if you are always in shoes and never touch the earth, you are like an overcharged battery full of electricity and this creates lots of physical, emotional and even spiritual tension.

So using my Nerve Tonic, and getting outside in your bare feet on the earth, and doing it naked and in the sunlight if possible, well, you should be able to say goodbye, actually good night, to your insomnia.

Your nervous system and actual nerves may look like wires, but they are actually a series of cells that talk and communicate to one another like a stack of dominoes falling and hitting the next domino. The chemical between each nerve cell that is necessary for this communication, is called a neuro-transmitter chemical and it is acetylcholine, and other B-Vitamins and B-Complex Nutrients.

My SuperFood Plus is one of the highest natural sources of B-Vitamins and B-Complex nutrients including acetylcholine giving you between 100% and 500% of all of these B-Vitamins you need for the entire day. SuperFood is PURE NERVE FOOD and will help you get better quality and more restful sleep.

Also, make sure your sleeping area is relaxed, like not having a television in your bedroom. Make sure your bed is very comfortable, and your sheets and blankets too, and you have dark blackout curtains, no ticking clock or clock radios and other obnoxious LED lights glittering and flashing. Make your bedroom a temple of RELAXATION and BLISS.

Also, consider doing both my 5-Day BOWEL Detox and my 5-Day LIVER Detox. And, if you have done them before, do them again. Both of these powerful detoxification and cleansing programs remove all sorts of irritating toxins, chemicals and stimulants out of your body that can affect sleep. A clean body is a restful body.

Finally, just in case you are bullshitting yourself, you cannot have ANY sugar, chocolate, coffee, tea, caffeine, green tea, tobacco, cigarettes or cigars, sodas and any other stimulating food (including powerful nutrition like SuperFood Plus) after 6 p.m.

Now get to bed!

– Dr. Schulze