Dear Veon,

YES, you are correct, the directions on the actual Detox Tea package are for two 8-ounce cups of the Detox Tea, which is one serving. If you are doing my 5 Day Liver Detox Program, then you need to consume one serving, three times a day. So you either need to make this recipe three times during the day, or triple this recipe and make three times as much if you want to make all of the Detox Tea you need for the 5 Day Liver Detox at one time. Also remember, it is best if you place the herbs into room temperature distilled or purified water in the evening, and let them soak and re-hydrate in this water overnight, before you simmer this brew the tea in the morning. This makes a more potent and effective Detox tea. Great job paying attention and have a GREAT Liver Detox.

— Dr. Schulze