Dear Sarah,

GREAT JOB at healing yourself and staying well. Currently I have no planned speaking events, but, one thing you will enjoy a lot and learn from, are my video segments on this website. To get to them, from the Homepage, go to the blue box at the bottom of the page called Dr. Schulze SPEAKS! Next, click on the words Health and Healing Commentaries. This will take you to a page with video screens, and when you push play on any one of the screens, you can view all of my 5 to 10 minute video segments. This page scrolls down so there is more than one video to view. And of course, keep writing and reading my Questions and Answer area you are on right now. Remember, very soon both of these areas will also have Libraries with numerous commentaries and answers cataloged by diseases and illnesses and herbal formulae for your continued education.

Finally, I will keep you informed regarding any future educational seminars that I will be doing, live, or on the Internet.

Thanks for writing,

– Dr. Schulze