Dear J.M.

YES, YES, YES!!!! On the old SuperFood label it used to say, “Not tested on animals unless they volunteer, and when they do, they love it!”

I first used SuperFood on sickly and dying horses in my practice about 30 years ago. I would mix it with molasses or maple syrup and form it into golf ball size balls. Not only did they love it, but it had the same effect as it did with humans, which is raising blood values and curing anemia, giving them more energy, building their immune systems and helping them to recover from and heal their diseases, especially colic. That same year, I started using it with cats with Feline AIDS and dogs with numerous other diseases. Within a year, all my patients were buying it for themselves, and their dogs, cats, horses, goats, guinea pigs, you name it, and we watched them recover from, and heal their diseases faster, just like with people.

To answer part two of your question, SuperFood Plus contains my personally custom-designed and formulated NON-active, single cell, easy to assimilate, Nutritional Yeast. It is not “Brewer’s yeast”. This is a very nutritionally dense micro-herb and it is a great food for all animals whether they are carnivores or vegetarians. Humans are not the only animals that need super nutrition. Considering what most pet foods (and even pet supplements) are made from today, adding SuperFood Plus to your pets’ diet is a GREAT idea to keep them full of energy, healthy and happy. And, because of the lack of quality animal food (and people food) available today, many of my customers now make their own dog and cat food, and supplement treats, using my SuperFood Plus as a base for their homemade animal food.

In my clinic, and even today, my focus is to help you and your pets heal disease and Create Powerful Health Naturally!

– Dr. Schulze